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7th Heaven Cafe/Bar in Corfu


7th Heaven Cafe is on a cliff on the North-West side of the Corfu. In the village of Peroulades, where your feet will sink into the fine sand acting as a soft foot massage.  The cliffs are clay, making them shine like a 7th heaven in the sun.

Not only this but what 7th Heaven Cafe is known for is its spectacular view of the sunset.  People come hours before the sunset just to get a good seat for this pristine setting of the sun.

There is also plenty of free parking here for both the cafe and the beach.  The beach is called “Loggas the Sunset Beach”.

Are you wondering why????

Food & Drinks

7th Heaven Cafe/Bar is very professional.  They have high-quality drinks and plenty of staff to accommodate you.  There is also a separate away for dinner.  This is a fine dining experience, a good distance away from the cafe/bar portion so you aren’t bothered by the noise. The restaurant offers specialty meals including seafood, Meditteranean, Greek, and vegetarian options.

Loggas Beach

It is called the sunset beach for a reason!  The sandy beach with clay cliffs and view of the Diapontia islands make for a great place to enjoy a bath.  They have shallow waters where you can walk 50 meters and the water is still at your waist.

In the winter, however, this beach faces a lot of big waves that usually cause damage to the steps down, and the beach has also gotten much smaller over the years.  Nevertheless, it is still a great place for a quick swim and photo during a blissful sunset.




  • Marcos Ergas

    Hi Spiros,
    My name is Marcos , and I live in Vancouver Canada.
    We really enjoy your blog.
    I’m pretty familiar with the island and have been enamoured with Corfu since my first visit many, many years ago.
    For that reason we are strongly considering getting married there, the last week of September 2023.
    We are quite specific of the locations where casual events are to take place, but if you don’t mind- maybe I could contact you by phone to get your input on a couple of things?
    We need the local knowledge!

    If you are ok with my request, please forward a contact telephone number

    Thank you and best regards
    +1 604 837-9255

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