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Spiros- America to CORFU

My Father is Greek and my Mother American. I spent most of my childhood in the US.  Connecticut to be specific.  During the time that I spent in Corfu as a child in the village Marmaro, at my Yiayias house, I realized it would play a big role in my life.  When I was 20 I packed my bags and went off to the military.   Mandatory service for Greek males.  A service that I would have never had to do if I just continued my life in America occasionally going to Greece for vacation.  I had other plans, if I ever wanted to stay in Greece for over a month I had to.  With a strong desire to learn, try, and experience, I did it, and what an experience it was.

After the military, I decided to stay in Greece. It was 2015 and the height of the economic crisis.  A crisis that has been compared to the great depression in the United States.  Then after, a couple of years of working I decided I wanted more for myself and wasn't happy with being a beach boy any longer.  So now, with a strong desire to improve and eventually come back to this beautiful island that I consider my true home, I set off with a mission.

I arrived back and immediately started to work.  Anywhere and anything I could find.  I saved as much money as I could and when my business partner Dimitris came to me with the proposal of starting a business I didn't think twice and a few weeks later was back in Corfu.

We started a business that is something like Airbnb arbitrage.  The act of renting out of apartments, long term than renting them out again to tourists, short term.  Except, we found a broken-down building.  Me being a painter/bartender/pizza maker and Dimitris anything with computers needed to start learning quickly.  Our plan was to do everything by ourselves.  Yes, that's correct, tiles, plumbing, electricity, DIY project for furniture, anything you can think of by ourselves.  We have youtube to thank.  Watching tutorials and learning became our night job, while daytime was the time to put it into action.  We finally finished and were able to start the season in June 2019.  We had a great season and have great hopes for the next year.  No one could have expected the pandemic that we are now facing.  It has affected everyone and we are now trying to undo the damages.

I created this blog because I have noticed over the past couple of years that many people are interested in the things I am interested in here on Corfu. Since I grew up in another country I am able to look at the situation not only as a local but also as a tourist.  So now instead of sending my recommendations through what's app messages when guests arrive at my studios, you can easily get them and much more from this website, Instagram, and Facebook.  All being called Mycorfuexperience.

Therefore, please feel free to make any suggestions on things you would be interested in learning about this beautiful island that we all love so others can also appreciate the same and more things about Corfu as well!


  Provide useful information about Corfu and answer any questions you may have

  Recommend the best places in accordance with all your interests and in hopes for your stay here in Corfu

  To you give experiences that will turn into lifelong memories.

To meet new people, getting to know them and their cultures, and keeping them as friends for years to come