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Accommodations close to the Corfu Airport!

Bookings around Corfu Airport

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Corfu airport has recently been renovated and is now bigger than before. Not anything like the Athens international airport or another huge airport but still big for the island of Corfu.

It is located right next to Corfu Town, which is the city of Corfu. With a 10 minute taxi ride you are on the other side of the city (and this includes traffic).

So what happens if you are arriving to Corfu with a late flight? or maybe you are leaving Corfu with a very early flight?

In both of these cases staying in an apartment close to Corfu Town may be you best option.

Why is this?

Well imagine your flight doesn’t land until 12:00 am. By the time you get off the plane, get your luggages and be out of the airport it will definitely be atleast 01:00 am. How do you plan on getting to your accommodation?

Renting a car? Some companies will wait for you this late, but they will definitely charge more possible 20 euros more. It might be worth it for you, however, let go on…

There are no buses this late.

Taxi? Yes, they will be there if you need, but they also charge extra for late night services.

Soooo.. What is my suggestion?

My suggestion is to stay for one night at an apartment close to the Airport

A taxi will take you for 10-20euros. Depending on where you stay in Corfu Town you might have a place still open for food/drink. Then, also in the morning it will be easy to find something to eat.

The sunrise is visible from Corfu Town so you can get up early the next day if you are one of those that doesn’t want to waste a minute and watch the beautiful sunrise at anemomylos in Garista. (a picturesque windmill).

Around 09:00 all the car rentals open so now you can walk to a car rental company and pick up you car for no extra cost. After renting you car, then you got the whole day ahead of you until you check in most likely around 15:00.

Leaving early?

So, maybe you can imagine what my answer will be if you have an early morning flight, but I’ll mention it anyways. If you choose to spend your last night in Corfu Town, you will get to experience Corfu Town at night. This alone is a great experience, that you need to have if you come to Corfu in general. The bars expecially on the weekends don’t close until the sunrise around Corfu Town for example, 54 dreamy nights, The yard etc. but let’s assume you don’t have to spend you last night in the club. You will have to wake up a lot later at your rental in Corfu Town and if it is after 07:00 then you will find some coffee places open.

In conclusion,

maybe you have a late night plane arrival or an early morning plane departure from Corfu. Well, in this case it might be best to stay one night in Corfu Town.. Corfu Town may be a little bit more expensive depending on the time and the place, but if you get the right deal it can be worth it for the reasons i named above!


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