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In one of the most beautiful places on the island, Paleokastritsa, there is a beach bar,(a luxury beach bar). It is in the middle of Paleokastritsa, at the beach Agia Triada, and it is called Akron Beach Bar.  By day it is a classy relaxed party scene, with drinks, food, sunbeds, a pool and incredible service and by night a fine dining elegant restaurant under the moon light. It is a local family business that also have the Akrotiri hotel next door. The family has made Akron Beach Bar a place welcome for all whether old or young, rich or poor, it is a stylish place to spend your day or night.

Food & Drinks

Akron will always have one of the best chefs in Corfu.  With a mostly seafood menu, it makes for one of the best place to come to for the seafood lovers.  Lunch and dinner are both served, lunch being a more classy laid back environment and dinner being very romantic and elegant.  They have servers that are the best at their profession, always working on perfection.

It is also possible to get your lunch served to you on the sunbeds at the beach right in front.  You don’t have to get up just call the server over, pick your meal and it will be brought over soon.

Akron also has a big bar with truly experienced Bartenders.  They have their own range of drinks that they have made taste great and they also know plenty of worldwide known drinks.  They also have a smoothie machine and make some smoothies that energize you.  As well as coffee, we can’t forget about coffee,  one of the Greeks favorite drinks.

Maybe you don’t want to eat,  it is still possible just to come for a drink, day or night or maybe just want to relax on the sunbeds in the sun. However, one thing opens the next.  You’ll see others being served gorgeous decorated drinks and want to try, then you will look at the food with big eyes and an open jaw.  So come with an open mind.

My Experience

My experience with Akron Beach Bar is a little different. Almost 10 years ago now, I was working as a beach boy at another beach in Corfu.  I was being overworked, underpaid and I was not happy with my situation.  So during the second year of this, I decided to look for another job. I saw Akron was hiring and applied.  The first day I knew I was going to like it.  Aris, The owner is a great boss.  He is always polite and fair. Also, my co-workers were very welcoming and gave a big help to my learning process.

There was a lot of work, you are always running around and you always have to keep your compsure and be proper because it is a nice environment, however, it was a pleausure to work there. To enjoy that view every evening, and see all the happy faces was a great pleaure.

I understand that I have express all good and positive things.  It may seem too good to be true,  so I leave this link here.  Check out the reviews for yourself.


Phone: 0030 2663 041226


Trip advisor




Throughout the summer, Akron Beach Bar holds plenty of events.  During the day time they might have a DJ to spice up your sunday and at night Jazz is usually the genre of choice.  If you like Jazz keep a look out for these,  it always ends up being a special evening.

If you would like to get married here or have a private event, this is also possible.  Contact this number, to organize your plans Tel: 0030-26630-41226 or email



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