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Alipa Port in Paleokastritsa

Alipa Port is located in Paleokastritsa, Corfu. It is quickly modernizing and every year offering new things to help give our visitors a great experience. With 100s of boats in the port, most of which are for day rentals, it is a great place for a big selection. There are more than a couple things to do at the Paleokastritsa port, some include, have a drink at the port bar, attend the weekly movie night, take a hike up to the old village, take a tour with a captain on a boat or be the captain of your own boat!

I will explain in detail down below.

Movie Night.

In the 2023 summer, every friday night was movie night at Alipa Port.  They played many  different kinds of movies from Fight Club to Juno.  We await for which movies will play next year the the Paleo Port.

You can keep up with what movies they played and what movies they will play here

Movie Night

Old Village

Many people don’t know this, but above the port there are many small paths in that mountain/hill.  It has a couple of broken down buildings and is now called the “old village of Paleokastritsa”

Click below to learn more

Old Village


There are many tours offered at the Alipa Port, most of which are on water!

Check them out


There are many nice accommodations in Paleokastritsa.  It all depends on what you are looking for.. Hotel? villa? House? Rooms?

Here is a link where you can find all of these

Paleokastritsa Booking

For some good hotels click here

For an accommodation right above Alipa Port

click here Akis Apartments

or contact me to book



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