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Around Corfu on a Pirate Ship, Black Rose

Over the centuries, Corfu has had a lot of history with pirate attacks. The old fort in Corfu Town has been a helpful defense for Corfu. Nowadays, we don’t get any pirate attacks however, there still is a pirate ship sailing around! The Black Rose is a boat that does tours around Corfu Town with a pirate theme.

During the summer season, they usually do 5 trips a day. They are about 70 minutes long and cost 10 euros per person. For children it is 5 euros.


The Black Rose Tour starts at the old port in Corfu Town.


You can buy a ticket online or buy one in person.  If it is during peak season I would recommend buying a couple of days in advance because they sell out.

As you take off, there is a box of props for a pirate theme, so, for example, sword, bandana, eye patch etc. This is more for the children, but technically for anyone, so feel free to grab one!

  • You start off going south so Vidos Island is on your left and Corfu Town on your right.
  • You will be closer to Corfu Town this way
  • Passing by the old fort you will be amazed by the beauty!
  • Next is Garitsa, Anemomilo. A windmill that is a very picturesque scenery.
  • Then you will pass by the Mon Repo, which is a big estate where the royal family used to live.
  • After is Kanoni where you will see the airport and if you are lucky have a plane take off or land right over you!
  • Then you will reach Vlacherna Monastery (the iconic monastery of Corfu) and Pontikonisi (mouse island)
  • Then you will turn back however, on the way back when you pass by Vidos Island you will be closer to Vidos island this time.



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