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Corfu from North to South, East to West is very different.

In the North, there are many hills and you have to go down a big hill to reach any beach. The sand from many beaches is like clay. There are even some communities with many English people.

Down South it is different. It is more flat with long sandy beaches especially on the South-west side. There is not much going on down there (especially in the winter), so it is very peaceful. However, there is only one road to get to Corfu Town so it can get very busy.

On the East, is Corfu Town. The water is also much warmer than on the west because of the short distance to another mainland. Most of the beaches are long in length but short in depth. North east is a very beautiful called Erimitis, which is a natural preserve.

The west is very wild. So much of it is untouched and which is why it is my favorite part of Corfu. South-west is full of long sandy beaches, but then turn into hidden small pebble beaches as you go up North.

This is only some of the amazing details of Corfu. There is so much more too discover, like the villages, culture, history and more.


Whatever you are interested in don’t hesitate to ask. Even if you are not sure what you are looking for, I can help you out!



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