Many of you are wondering which is the best village to stay in Corfu.  Well, there are plenty of villages in Corfu and all of them have their pros and cons.  Depending on your likes and dislikes there are plenty of options.  Here though, I will give you my opinion of what I think is the overall best village to stay in Corfu with a list of detailed reasons.  


Liapades is a medium-sized village located in the northern mid-west region of Corfu.  Here in Liapades, there are around 900 inhabitants all year round.  In addition, the village was built in the 1500s, and it has a lot of history. Also, Liapades in 20 km away from Corfu Town, therefore taking around 20-30 minutes to get there depending on traffic.


First of all, one of the reasons why I recommend staying here in Liapdes is for its history.  The first inhabitants of Liapades are said to be around from 300 AD.  There are still many old buildings still partially there that are from the 15th century.  

The villagers from Liapades are thought to be from a part of Paleokastritsa called ALIPA which is where Liapades received the name. 

NOTE: You can find many of those stone wheels in Liapades. They used them to crush the olives for olive oil or the grapes for wine!

However, because of the constant pirate attacks, they decided to pack their things and move to what is now called Liapades.  Even though Liapades is also close to the water, the main village is up the mountain around 2 km from the sea.  This kept them safer and gave them the advantage to defend themselves in case of an attack.  Before tourism, the people mostly relied on agriculture to support their families.  

If you go up the mountain in Liapades, you will witness all the olive trees that exist.  Some are centuries old and still produce olive oil.  Many people also would have grape bushes for wine and gardens, consisting of anything you can think of.

For more history visit

TRY THIS: Look for Kolovri Rock in Paleokastritsa.  In Greek mythology, this rock is said to have been Odysseus’s boat that Poseidon, the god of the sea, turned to rock!


As I just described, Liapades has a very rich history. So it is logical that they still are very traditional. Many of the villagers have left and moved to the city or mainland Greece. Although, many have stayed appreciating and loving their way of life. However, now instead of it being a mostly agricultural village, during the summer, it is more touristic. It is still one of the most traditional villages in Corfu. If you are looking to see something different than your average town. Liapades gives you the sense that you are in another era. It won’t be hard to find out why, with the old buildings, small roads built for donkeys, and people driving cars from the 1950s still.

There is also still a large population that is old. They like to sit on their front stoop conversing with the ongoing passing neighbors. Usually, the older women sit on their front stoop.

Quick Advice: Everyone is very friendly, but they will not say hello first and they will stare a lot. So it is best if you say a quick “Yeia sas”, hello in Greek. They will be happy and return the favor.

Corfu Accepted

Many things are protected here in Liapades. In honor of the history and nature, you are not allowed to build anywhere, and you can’t open up any business you would like. There are so many old buildings, some have been restored, some are still slowly falling. Either way, a walk around this village would be a pity without a camera!

There are an incredible 6 churches in Liapades. All of the churches are named and briefly described in the link above. During the summer, it is in Greek tradition for some churches of the villages to hold festivals on the Name day of the Saint, the church is named after. Liapades is no different. It is a way to celebrate, to join together as a community, and make the village some money. I would definitely recommend attending one of these because it will most like be like something you have never experienced.

Fun Fact: Many of the older generation that lived through WW2 speak Italian!

If you go to the square of Liapades in the morning or in the evening it will be full of people, mostly old men, sitting drinking their coffee.


I’ve already talked a little bit about agriculture, but to emphasize how important it is in Liapades, I will go more into detail. Everyone in Liapades has Olive Trees. Ever since Olive trees have been in this village, all of the families would pack their things early in the morning, usually starting in November, to go to the mountains. There are 1000s of olive trees, most of them still producing olives. Since many things have changed in the past 100 years there are many people that no longer harvest their olive trees because they have found better ways to support their families. Harvesting olives is very hard labor!

Fact: In Corfu, we have a special type of Olive tree called Lianolia.

Back in the 1500s when the Venetians were here in Corfu. They gave the incentive for the Corfiots to plant olive trees. Therefore, all of Corfu, including Liapades did just that.

Fact: There are around 4 million olive trees in Corfu.

Also, every family would have grape bushes for wine. However, like Olive trees, many people found other ways of earning a living, and have put the grapes down to rest.

Full of NATURE

Being in Liapades you will still find so much nature. Many people still have their gardens in the summer and some also in the winter. Chickens are also a common thing to have.

WARNING! There are many roosters and most of them crow day and night. The typical rumor that the rooster crows in the morning during sunrise is not the case here!

Don’t be surprised if you are driving around Liapades and you see goats/sheep on the road! It happens frequently around here.

There are also still a couple of donkeys in the village. If you are lucky you may see the old lady taking them out for a walk in the morning!

Good to know: If you are really interested in donkeys, check out the donkey rescue in Doukades. Corfu donkeys

Nature lovers are always happy after visiting Liapades.


Liapades for hikers is a gold mine! First of all, the Corfu Trail passes through Liapades and they regularly maintain the path. Also, there are plenty of other trails throughout the mountains from the hunters in the winter, the wild goats, and for the olive trees! There are so many different beaches you can go to in Liapades. There are also many different kinds. If you are looking for your typical hotel beach with a beach bar, sunbeds, boat rentals then Gefiyra is for you!

However, if you are looking for what is considered one of the best beaches in Corfu, a wild beach, with tremendous views, trails in the mountains and close to the village Rovinia is the answer!

Rovinia is a wild beach in the heart of Liapades. The road to get to Rovinia is not the best and very steep. If you don’t feel comfortable driving in Corfu then I suggest parking at the top where there is a sign Rovinia >.

Down the stairs, to the beach, there are a couple of views to the right that is great for a photo. Then once you arrive at the beach, over towards the left side there is a path leading up the mountain.

? ????? ??? ??

You should follow this path you will eventually get to, what the locals call “h tripa tou HA” which means HA’s hole. It is a big hole in the ground with water in it that is connected to the sea. It is too dangerous to jump in, but if you have the right scuba diving equipment you can dive under the mountain and in a couple of meters be in the hole. I suggest going with a professional if you choose to go.

As you continue hiking you will come across a few other beaches. The first one will be Glyko. This is a really small beach that not many people go to so if you are lucky you can be surrounded only by fewer people.


Another favorite of Liapades is Limni. It is also a small beach that you will have to walk about 10-15 minutes to get to. Right next to Glyko, connected by a small path, you can’t miss it! It is right below an abandoned villa.

FACT: Limni in Greek means lake. This beach has the sea on both sides and on one side looks like a lake because if you look straight ahead you will see Paleokastritsa, not open sea!

Good to know: Sometimes someone will leave a cooler full of drinks, with a self service sign. At a beach that is far away from any mini market this can be very convenient!


If you follow along the road, going through the Olive trees you can eventually find your way to Iliodoros beach. It is more difficult to find and will take about one hour to get there. There is a way to get there on a rocky road or through small paths as you continue past Limni. The walk to Iliodoros is easier to take the rocky road, instead of the small paths because it is not very well maintained and you will most likely come out with some scrapes.

If you are interested I actually have an excursion where I take people to this beach, talk about Corfu, the life of locals, Liapades, and our culture here in Greece. We spend some time on the beach, go for a swim, then head back. I am also interested in learning about different cultures so I ask plenty of questions about your country! Here is the like Sun’s Gift: Hike to the Secret Beach.

Just a thought!

Since Iliodoros is at least a one-hour hike through the mountain with many steep hills, it is not common for people to come to this beach. If there are people at Iliodoros, they will most likely have come by boat. 18:00 though, all the boats are supposed to be back at the port. During the summer, the sun sets a lot later than 18:00. Knowing this, if you like to hike you can hike to this beach for the sunset and be alone with your partner! Just make sure you remember the way back!

If you would like an exclusive romantic dinner where you can surprise your partner. Don’t be shy, we can organize a romantic dinner, most likely alone on this beautiful beach.

Car, Scooter, Quad Rentals

It’s possible you came to Corfu, expecting to just relax on the beach in Liapades go to a couple of different Tavernas and maybe go once to Corfu Town with the bus. However, it is also possible once you got to Liapades you realized how beautiful the island is and would like to see more. Therefore, you will need a form of transportation to get around. My suggestion would be a car, but there are also scooters and quads with different cc’s. Luckily, there is a couple of different car and scooter rental services in Liapades.

Places to eat in Liapades

In Liapades there are a couple of different restaurants that will leave your taste buds craving for more! There are traditional greek tavernas, then there are the typical restaurant where you can get an authentic Greek Pita. There is also a pizza restaurant if you have had already too much traditional Greek food! Close by there is also a fish taverna called Aspros. The owner is a fisherman and will have fresh fish daily!


If you are not looking to read much, here is an overview of all the most important reasons why I consider Liapades to be the best village in Corfu.

Liapades is full of history and you can ask many of the villagers and they will be able to tell you a good story about some of the folklores of Liapades.

The village is still full of tradition, from the architecture of the building, all the old building, the way of life still lived today. It is a beautiful village that deserves a spot in your Instagram post!

Nature or Corfu Town

You are in the middle of nature, where you will hear the birds and crickets chirping, the roosters crowing or the dogs barking. However, if you are missing the city you are only 20 minutes away from a beautiful night in Corfu Town.


Liapades is is the midwest of the island so if you are looking to stay in one place but travel the island, this village is perfect. You can spend one day Sidari and Kassiopi visiting the North of the island. At the end of the day come back to Liapades, then wake up and go down sound to visit where they have the best fish in Corfu, Boukari!


Liapades is full of musicians! Almost everyone plays an instument.

Not crowded

Liapades is a touristic village during the summer season, it is not that crowded though! If you are not a fan of big crowds but don’t mind some people Liapades is perfect.


The famous Paleokastritsa is only 5 km away. It is definitely worth a visit to witness these amazing beaches as well. Many of the locals from Liapades and Paleokastritsa are related since they say the people from Liapades are actually from Alipa. Alipa is in Paleokastritsa.

For the Hikers: If you go to the beach Gefrya in Liapades there is a small path past the hotel where you can easily get to the Acapulco Bar in Paleokastritsa. You are still a couple of KM from the center of Paleokastritsa but it is an interesting hike and you save a couple of km this way.

Festivals! Here in Liapdes they usually have 2 or 3 festivals during the summer. Greek festivals are a great way to witness the culture and to have a good time eating, drinking, dancing and sharing your time with LOUD Greeks!

Also, there are even some Artists in Liapades


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