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Big Traditional Festival! July 17th in Marmaro!

Have you ever been to a Greek Festival?

If yes then you know that it is the best Greek culture experience you can have. A true way to live amongst the locals. Not speaking the language doesn’t matter at these festivals, not knowing the dances don’t matter either. What matters is that you feel the energy, the vibe, and you go with it.

So what is a Greek traditional festival?

One of the best and first traditional festivals in Corfu is in the small village of Marmaro. Up in the mountain under the big curvy olive trees. There is live traditional greek music, grill food like souvlaki and lamb on the spit, and lots of beer and retsina! Also, there is dancing, greek dancing. The dances are pretty easy so everyone can learn fast and dance along.

Why are we celebrating? Well, usually we have these festivals on the name days of the saints of that church in the village. So, in Marmaro for instance, the church is after Saint Marina and Saint Marina’s celebration day is July 17th.

What time should you come?

In order to get a good seat, not wait too long in line for food, I would say you should arrive in between 20:00-21:00.

You can park anywhere that you find on the road just make sure you do not block any cars.

Are you interested in coming, but don’t have transportation? Contact me and we will figure something out! +306986953276 whats app

Where is it?



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