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Cape Drastis, A Northern Escape

Cape Drastis

Up in North-West part of Corfu, Cape Drastis is one of the natural beauties of the island that is still hard to get too.  Over the summer it gets pretty busy here just for the photos.  There is also a small beach, but the beaches that you see in the pictures are not accessible by foot.  Only by boat and if it is a day with big waves, not even by boat.

The best view comes after a little walk after parking the car and it amazing. You can see the sandy pointy cliffs with small strips of land right off the coast making the untouched nature that much more beautiful.  Again, the only way to this side that you can see from the view is by boat, but it might by worth the trip for you.



Here, there is only nature, you won’t find any restaurants, hotels, or any stores.  There may be a cantina at the beach that will sell you a snack but that is it.  It is a great hiking place, under the olive trees which is normal for Corfu and also part of the time seeing some amazing views.

Caution: There is likely a random guy in front of a gate that is protecting his land and likes to yell at people….


Near by

There are a couple of places near by that are definitely on the place to visit list.  Only a 5 minute drive away is Loggas beach, also in Peroulades.  This beach has a nickname the sunset beach… I don’t think I need to explain more.  However, here is very popular bar called 7th Heaven Cafe/Bar that has one of the best views in Corfu.  It is on top of a cliff and has a perfect spot for a selfie haha.  The beach isn’t the best, every year disseapering more and more, however the water is very shallow.

The other way is Sidari.  It only takes 10 minutes to get there.  There is a place called Canal D’amour which I am sure you have heard of if you have done any research on Corfu.  It is a beautiful place, but a tourist trap.  If you go there during high season, expect to see a tremendous amouont of people.




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