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Capture your Ride with a drone!

I now offer a new experience! Footage from above. I recently bought a drone over the winter and have learned to use it. Now I would like to put it to good use and take amazing videos from above. I have been successful so far in that and now I would like to take videos of you exploring! Check out one of my social media pages for my drone videos!

Scooter aerial footage

Have you rented a scooter? Would you like to make your experience a little more special and memorable? Why not? Well, if you want something that no one else has, something that will last a lifetime with you from your holiday in Corfu, it is this.

Get amazing footage of your riding the scooter from above, from the side, back and in front. I will put it all together and add a catchy song for you.

If you think Corfu looks amazing from the perspective of riding a scooter, imagine what it will look like from above. Whether it is in the valley, with all nature around, or by the sea with the crystal clear waters next to you.

Contact me and we can make it real!

Boat aerial footage

Another amazing way to bring something special back with you is a drone video of you and your partner riding a boat.  It is already one of the most popular experiences in Corfu (renting a boat), capturing it on video from above/side will be your favorite memory.  I won’t even need to be on the boat with you!

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