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Enjoy Corfu on a Budget!

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After 2020, the need to travel has never been more important. However, some of us might be in a difficult spot due to the situation. Well, here’s a way to come enjoy the Corfu Bliss and also not go broke!

Rent a Car

First of all, spending more money in some ways will help you save money overall. Renting a car is a must! Getting around Corfu is not easy with public transportation. There are not many buses with routes everywhere in Corfu and they can be late. You won’t be able to do the things you want when you want. You will consistently be checking the bus schedule and where are the bus stops. This may save you a little more money, but you will not enjoy your holidays as much. Besides, you can rent a car in Corfu for a good price, around 20-40 euros per day. Just make sure you reserve it a couple of weeks ahead of time. Also, get insurance! A couple of extra euros will save you the headache of worrying about paying later if something happens.

Even if you are a good driver, it is more than likely someone hitting your parked car in Corfu Town. Renting a scooter is also an option. A scooter is cheaper than a car but with the roads of Corfu, I would always recommend a car if possible. If you don’t have experience riding a mophead then definitely don’t start in Corfu. The roads are small, curvy, with a lot of potholes. Also, there are plenty of hills so with a 50 cc mophead it will be a challenge to get up a hill.

Important Things to know:

  • To rent a car in Greece you have to be at least 21 years old and to have had the drivers license for at least one year. Drivers under 25 years old may be charged more than drivers older than 25 years of age.
  • Rent a small car! Some streets in Corfu are very small and parking in Corfu Town is sometimes difficult to find. Renting a small car will with both these situations and it is cheaper.
  • We drive on the right side of the road here in Greece.
  • If you have a European Union Drivers License Greece allows you to drive with no problem. However, if you have a drivers license from outside of the EU then they require you to get an International Drivers Permit (IDP).
  • It is easy to obtain an IDP, but you can only get it in your home country. They expire after about 1 year.
  • Renting a car in Corfu and taking it with you to other parts of Greece is only allowed with some companies.

Where to stay

Okay, so you rented a car at a good price now you need a nice place to stay that is affordable. Liapades is a good village to start in. There are not too many tourists, a lot of nice beaches, mountains good for hiking and some decent tavern’s. You are also not far from anything. The studios are also not too expensive ranging from 30-60 euros depending on the season. Coming early or late in the season will obviously get you better prices, but at the same time, it is a little bit of a risk with the weather.

My opinion is in the middle of September. The weather isn’t too cold or too hot. You will still be able to swim in the water and rain isn’t too common. The season is starting to die down too so a lot fewer people. Also, instead of renting a room with a really nice view rent the normal room and spend your time during the day admiring the nice view. While you are hiking, eating, sunbathing, relaxing, etc.

Shopping for Food

My next tip is the Supermarkets. If you are on a budget and you are buying things at the village market that is open seasonally you can expect to pay a lot more. Self-catering instead of going out to eat may not be ideal, especially on your holidays, but it will save you a lot so sometimes it is necessary. So one day you are closer to Corfu Town stop at a Supermarket and buy your groceries there. It is a lot cheaper, more selection, and if you are already in Corfu Town, which you should visit at least once like how my 5 Places to Visit in Corfu blog says then you are not wasting any gas either.

Where to Eat

You won’t be cooking every meal at the studios, so where can you go for some great food at a great price? Where the locals go! If the restaurant is really popular especially with tourists, then the prices inevitably rise. They only stay open 1/2 the year, so they have to make more money in less time. Usually, in some villages, there are small grills where you can find really fair prices. They won’t have the best view of the sea or of the sunset, but I can assure you that it will be a different kind of beauty that you will not have experienced before. Also, during the summer in almost every village, they will have a small grill for dinner with just a couple of things souvlaki, sausages, salad, and beer 2 nights a week for the villagers, but everyone is welcome!

Bella Piazza, Gardelades

During the summer, there are festivals held on the name days of the Saint that the church is named after. Some villages have more than one in which case they might have more than one festival. These festivals are a very big part of the Greek culture where people of all ages go to eat, drink, dance and have a good time. They are always held outside and usually under olive trees. To attend these you will eat and drink for a decent price while being a part of a big greek festival witnessing the heart of the Greek culture. Therefore, not only is it a good place to go to eat, but it is a memorable economical experience way to spend your time enjoying and witnessing greek culture first hand.

???????? ?????????? 2014 (I?) - YouTube

Lastly, there are many places in Corfu Town that sell the traditional Greek Gyro. They are very cheap, fast, healthy and filling. It is like a fast food place except they are delicious and healthy. If you are vegetarian or vegan there are also plenty of options for you, but maybe not as fairly priced.

What to do?

Now, we will go deep into the activities you will be able to participate in Corfu on a budget. Don’t worry, there’s more than just sunbathing on the beach all day. However, that is the first one! Relaxing on the beach and cooling off in the sea is a great way to save some money while enjoying your company. It’s not the only thing though.

My favorite is hiking, Corfu has so many different trails in the mountain that lead to amazing views and beaches. There is the famous Corfu Trail that is a 220 km trail all around Corfu. There are also many more, I actually give a tour called Sun’s Gift: Hike to the Secret Beach that takes place in Liapades. All over Corfu, you will be able to find different places so if you love nature and want a little workout. The fresh air away from cars, only hearing the bees and the birds, witnessing stunning views, being under the olive trees is the best hobby even if not on a budget.

There are countless activities to do, but many of them require money. Airbnb experiences offer some good experiences at a good price. Experiences that you most likely would not be able to experience in Corfu otherwise. For example, different hikes on hard-to-find paths, yoga, cooking classes and more are not only offered on Airbnb. For instance, the Olive oil production tour at the Governor is only 15 euros, the production of honey, kumquat, and many others. All these are good experiences that won’t cost you a fortune.

2016 Olive Oil Production in Greece: Producer Perspectives - Greek Liquid  Gold: Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

To sum up I will write a quick list of the ways to be able to enjoy your stay in Corfu while not hurting your bank account too much.

  1. Rent a Car!
  2. Get insurance for the car
  3. Shop at big supermarket chains when you are already traveling that way.
  4. Eat where the locals eat
  5. Self-cater half the time
  6. Come early or late in the season
  7. Hike, Olive oil Production, Kumquat, wine tasting
  8. Relax on the beach
  9. Airbnb experiences
  10. Festivals




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