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Corfu Buses

Corfu Buses

First of all, there are 2 bus systems in Corfu.  One is the Corfu city bus and the other is the Corfu green bus.

Corfu City Bus

The Corfu city bus is exactly that.  It has routes in and around Corfu Town.  The main bus station for the city bus is in San Rocco, here.

If you are staying in Corfu town or around Corfu town, about 10 km outside it is possible to take the city bus to these destinations.  You can check the timetable and the routes on their website

Phone: +30 2661 031595

Green Buses

The green bus system is different from the city bus and here’s how. They are bigger more comfortable buses and go further.  The Green Bus Station is located here.  You can go all through Corfu with this bus but the downside is that it is only connected through the bus station next to Corfu town.  During the summer they will come out with a summer special that will have different routes that don’t only directly to and from the Green Bus Station. This is their website,

The Green Bus system does have some bad reviews for being late and possibly not stopping so be careful!

Phone: : +30 2661 028900

Airport bus?

A popular question is how to get from the airport to your accommodation.  It is simple but not properly addressed.  There is the bus stop right outside of arrivals to the left at the airport.  It comes every hour or so during the day and will take you for a 5-minute ride to the Green Bus station.  At the Green Bus Station, you can then take these buses to your accommodation if it is far away. Otherwise, you can continue on with the city bus for a little bit longer into the center of Corfu Town to San Rocco.  This is where the bus station is for the city bus and you can take these to all destinations around Corfu town.

This information is the same for the Corfu Port.



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