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Corfu Easter Trip

Easter is the special day for the Greeks, the most important event of the whole year, where emigrants return to their native land to celebrate it.

We come into close contact with the traditions and observe, curious, the uses and customs of a proud people.

NOTE: This trip has been organized for a group of Northern Italians with the travel agency Quo Gentium Travel. If you are interested in participating in this trip please contact me so we can arrange the details. Since they will arrive together from Italy, things will be a little different for you. For example, the flight, airport transfer, etc. However, it is always possible to join. It will definitely be eventful joining on a trip in Corfu with Italians.

From 22.04.2022 to 25.04.2022

FRIDAY 22.04.2022

Upon our arrival, we head to Paleokastritsa, where the studios where we stay during our stay are located. Along the way, we stop at a bakery where we can taste the typical savory or sweet pies, accompanied by a coffee.

Soon after we set out to discover an old village, Lakones, the hilltop village famous for its panorama, also emphatically renamed the “balcony on the Ionian” which allows us to orient ourselves.  From here we go down on foot, along the Donkey path, towards Paleokastritsa bay, the most photographed beach in Corfu!

We give ourselves some time to relax in front of a crystalline sea in a context full of magic that seems to be in Halong Bay in Vietnam!

Return to our rooms and time to rest, before enjoying our first typical dinner in one of the rare Corfiot taverns open even in winter: the food is a real treat for the palate.

Saturday 23.04.2022

The day takes place entirely in the city of Corfu, on the occasion of Easter which, right here, is the most famous of all Greece: the celebrations of Holy Week are a unique experience that unites faithful and tourists in an atmosphere of religiosity and folklore.

The funniest sight of the Corfu Orthodox Easter celebrations is the spasm ton botidon (rupture of the botides): terracotta pots, the botides, are thrown from the balconies of the buildings in the historic center and smash into a thousand pieces on the street. Some are enormous in size, colored mainly red, but also painted with other colors. This curious custom, which has nothing religious at all, originates during the rule of the Serenissima: the Venetians, in fact, used to throw old objects from their windows on New Year’s Eve, a gesture of good omen that still takes place today in various parts of the city. Italy.

Free lunch in the city and subsequent meeting with Elena, our guide: professional, funny, original who tells us the stories of this city to which she is linked and loves to madness.

We do not leave this place without first having tried the experience of tsipouradiko? A sort of aperitif that looks more like a real meal as it is abundant and varied.

We return to Paleokastritsa for the night.

Monday 25.04.2022

After breakfast, we go to visit the Monastery perched on the hill of Paleokastritsa, a place of deep spiritual strength.

The time has come to move south and the first step is to visit the Palace Achilleion or Achillion, the summer residence of Princess Sissi who fell in love with the island and wanted the villa to revolve around the figure of the mythological hero Achilles, hence the name of the palace.

Later we visit the unique Kanoni district for a special coffee from a rooftop terrace overlooking the sea. The church of Vlacherna and the island of Pontinissi and the planes flying overhead create a unique atmosphere: we are in front of the airport runway.

Later, towards Corfu Town for a walk in the Anemomilos district, say goodbye to the sea and to thank the island and offer it our goodbye.

Total trip, per person, in a double room – € xxx and includes:

  • Transfers to and from the airport in Corfu ‘
  • Accommodation in a double room with breakfast
  • 1 Tsipouradiko
  • 1 Dinner in Taverna
  • Health insurance
  • Tour leader from Italy
  • Assistance throughout the duration of the trip
  • Tour guide of Corfu
  • Entrance into Achilleion
  • .N.b .: the price may vary on the basis of airfares at the time of booking

Contact us for further and more specific information.



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