Most of us, if we look back a year and a half ago and our lives were very different. This new coronavirus was very unexpected. It is the first time that we have seen something like this and also the first time that the world took such measures to help protect its people. It has been a very chaotic time, some of us now living almost completely different lives. Whether it is having a new job, living someplace different, separating with a partner, or many other different possibilities. We are all looking for some certainty, to be able to somewhat predict the future, for order. However, that is the opposite of what it has felt like because of Covid.

Countries have all taken different measures, some keeping their economy fully open, others fully closed, and some in-between. We are all hoping to get back to normal soon and be able to plan. Also, after all this quarantining, it is natural that we want to get out of the house and go somewhere to forget a little bit.

So when I say the word Holiday, it for for sure opens your eyes a little bit.

More than ever, most of us need a little release. What better way than with a vacation? However, we also want to stay safe on our vacation, while enjoying what we love. Here I will give you some tips on how this is possible here on Corfu.

Where to stay?

It is possible, the industry that the coronavirus affected the most is the travel/tourism industry. It has seen an enormous drop for obvious reasons. Now though, with the new vaccines coming out and with precautionary measures being taken, countries will start to open up soon, along with accommodations.

So where is it safest for you to stay?

First of all, here on Corfu, we have had a limited amount of cases during the whole duration of the pandemic. Greece as a country has taken Covid-19 very seriously, taking all the necessary measures to keep the cases down. We have been put on lockdown, everything closed, even needing to send text messages to the government just to leave the house to go to the supermarket.

The government still continues to do what is necessary, but they plan to open on May 14th!


If you are coming to Corfu there is no doubt that Villas are the safest place to stay. This is because you will be by yourself at the villa. The easiest way to contract Covid is through human contact so minimizing this as much as possible would be the best option. If you are a family coming to Corfu and were looking forward to the hotels because of the all-inclusive deals. Also, not having to cook and all the luxuries of staying at a hotel have. These are all true, but you will come into contact with a lot of people. Including, the staff and also the other guests. Therefore, hotels are off the list!

This is why a villa is the best choice. It is private, it will most likely be very clean, and staying on the property won’t seem as bad with a pool!

However, some might not be able to afford a villa. Chances are the demand for villas will go up, so the prices might also. So the next best place to stay are small building studios.

Small Building Studios

sun's gift studios
Sun’s Gift Studios

Now notice, how I said small building studios. This is because if there are many studios, that would mean many people. So my advice is to keep it in between 5 to 8 rooms. This isn’t too many people and you are all doing your own thing, so you most likely won’t come into contact too often. Coronavirus is a virus that spreads through close contact. So, keep your distance, wash your hands, and the chances of catching it go significantly.

In addition, if there aren’t many rooms on the property, it will most likely be run by a single small business owner. If this is the case, there is more of a chance, there will be better hospitality. As things get bigger, they get harder to control and analyze. So staying at a studio with fewer rooms will give you better service and most likely cleaner service. You will be dealing with the owner one on one and especially during these chaotic times, he wants to give you the best service for a good review! As I said the tourism industry has been hit the hardest.

Sunny Almond Studios


I think the direction I’m going in this is obvious. Which is that, keeping safe from Covid 19 is best by going to where the least amount of people are and the bigger distance from them the better. So I will save the explanation on why and go to the exciting part, the beaches!


Iliodoros beach is a wild beach in Liapades where an hour-long hike is necessary to get there! It isn’t an easy hike, parts of the road being with big rocks and many steep hills. Also, since it takes an hour few people come here. Therefore, it is a great way to get out into nature, get some exercise and also stay safe from Covid! If you decide to go here definitely check out my blog, How to get to Iliodoros Beach. It is a very descriptive guide with plenty of photos, which will make it very easy for you to find!

By the way, Iliodoros is Greek for Sun’s Gift.

Although, maybe you want someone to show you the way. Keep you company, tell you about the area, give you insights well good news! I offer a trip to this beach! It’s called Sun’s Gift: Hike to the Secret Beach.

liniodoros above

Chances are the only people you see at this beach will be people with a boat, so covid 19 free? check.

Limni beach is another wild beach in Liapades. It is unique because it has the sea on both sides. Although, not an hour hike like Iliodoros, it will take about 20 minutes down a steep hill.

Limni beach near liapades

Here is a blog where I recommend many sandy beaches. Usually, the sandy beaches are pretty big and will have a lot of space for you to sit far from others. I describe the beaches in the blog so feel free to check it out!

Erimitis is an area with multiple wild beaches! It is a great area to hike, enjoy the outdoors, have a picnic, get a tan, sit under the shade, and also take a dip in the sea! Again, any beach further into nature means further away from Covid!

erimitis from bushes

Where should you eat?

Another one of the pros of staying at a villa is that you will have a nice big kitchen to cook in. Maybe, you want to limit the number of times you and your family eat out. Here’s a challenge try cooking all greek meals in your Greek Villa! This is the website of a famous Greek chef that will give you plenty of Greek recipes. He has videos of how to cook all his dishes, so you can follow along easily in English or Greek! Some of my favorite mealss are: Pastitsio, makaronia me kuma, sofrito, and pastitsada

Take out!

I know many peoples’ idea of a vacation doesn’t include cooking so that’s why they invented take out! All restaurants offer take-out. So a great idea with or without covid would be to get the food to go then go eat on a beach or a place with a nice view to enjoy the sunset. If you are looking for something fast Pita gyros are the best option. They are a typical Greek “fast food”, except they are healthy!


Some places also deliver, especially now with Covid, it is a major business move to add deleivery. Don’t be shy to ask!

Bella Piazza is a small greek grill in the square of Gardelades. Here, it is mostly just locals sitting around talking so as well as being more than from Covid, it is also a chance to dine with the locals! Bella Piazza also delivers, so if you are in the Paleokastritsa are give them a call!

Quick tip! Get 2 pitas and 2 beers ang go up to Agios Symeon for a 30 minute hike then to enjoy your pitas and beers with an amazing view!

View of Liapades from Agios Symeon

A few quick tips to avoid Covid

  • Rent a car! Forget about Public Transportation!!
  • Carry hand sanitizer with you
  • Don’t stress!
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