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A very popular question that is asked here in Corfu, is if there are beaches in Corfu Town.  I’m here to tell you that yes there are beaches in Corfu Town! For all those people, that are traveling to Corfu and do not plan on renting a car, also staying in Corfu Town, this is for you!

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The beaches in Corfu Town are not as easy to find as you would hope, but they do exist!  Also, they won’t be as nice as most of the beaches in other parts of the island, but Corfu Town beaches still have crystal clear waters and a nice view of Mainland Greece or Albania!

Faliraki Beach + Imabari Bar

Faliraki Beach aka Alekos Beach is a small sandy beach next to the bars “Swan” and “Imabari”.  Imabari is open all day into the night so you won’t ever be thirsty!  There is a big platform leading into the sea which is a great place to jump in. 

The locals that live in Corfu Town like to go to Faliraki beach because it is a walkable distance and you can enjoy a nice coffee.   However, for those tourists that are staying in Corfu Town with no transportation, it is a great option.

Sidero Beach

Behind the Corfu Fortress there is a small beach. This beach is only reachable by boat.

Anemomilos Beach

Anemomilos is Greek for Windmill.  It is right in between Kanoni and Corfu Town.  You won’t be able to miss it with the amazing view and the Windmill.  It is a great spot to have a coffee and there is a long cement strip where the windmill is.  If you follow along the strip of cement you can take a dip into the sea by carefully climbing down rock stairs with a railing!  You will get out the same way so there is no chance of getting any sand on you. 

Kontra Fossa

Kontra Fossa is on the other side of the Old Fort.  Faliraki and Kontra Fossa are joined together by a canal that separates the Old Fort from the island. 

It is a small pebbly beach, that barely anyone goes to.  There are no hotels, tavernas, coffee shops, or even sunbeds. So if you are looking for some privacy, which will be very difficult during the summer in Corfu Town, Kontra Fossa is your best chance!

Old Fortress Corfu

There are so many things to discover in the Old Fort in Corfu, so many great photographs to be taken. However, this is not the blog for that! If you want to learn more about the Old Fort check out this blog.

After exploring inside the Fort, finish on the eastern side. Next to the Corfu sailing club you will find a little secluded spot to swim. It has nice clear waters and a view of the island Vidos. With all the Corfu Town Beaches, this one definitely has the most history. Imagine the soldiers taking a dip in the water here!

Quick Tip: Bring a bathing suit. First, go exploring in the Old Fort, walk up the stairs to the top, then when you are satisfied and very hot from walking, go take a quick dip at this spot. You will appreciate the water more this way! Take a selfie and post it in the comments!

Mon Repo Beach

Mon Repo Beach is in Kanoni and about 100 meters down the road from Anemomilos. There is a coffee shop and a bunch of sunbeds to get comfortable!

The beach bar is called Royal Baths because the Mon Repo down the road is where the royal family used to live.

If you want some more information on the Mon Repo and on Kanoni check this blog out

Good to know

If you go down the road a bit you will find the real Mon Repo. It is a nice shady place to take a walk and you can also visit the palace where the royal family spent their summers! The real Mon Repo with the museum is in Kanoni. So it technically is not a “Old Town Corfu Beach”, but it is very close.

If you would like some privacy, the beach that is right below the Mon Repo, usually won’t have too many people! It is the beach in the picture below!

Then I would suggest going down to the beach and taking a dip where the King once did!

These are the beaches of Corfu Town. If you go a little further you will keep on finding more beaches but it is a far walk. However, you can take the city bus or the green bus to get out of Corfu Town. Here is a link for the green bus in Corfu and also the city bus.

Experiences with me!

Would you like to join me in an experience somewhere in Corfu?  Contact me on whats app at +30 698 695 3276.  You tell me what you are interested in and I will organize the perfect experience for you around Corfu! 




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