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Danilia Village: a trip back to the early 20th Century (Durrells Village)


Danilia Village, from the outside, looks like an abandoned mansion.  It is on the road to Gouvia from Temploni and has a big wall as a gate.  A place that I have passed by so many times and had no idea what it was. After the wall is a parking lot with a big building.  This building isn’t in the best shape and could only be assumed to be abandoned.  However,  once you walk inside it is like you are in a small traditional Corfiot Village from the early 1900s.  Unfortunately, it isn’t a real Corfiot Village and was built as a replica for many different usages.

However,  the feeling that you get when you walk into the “copied” village is none but good.

It was built by the Boua Brothers in the 1970s, now after so many years of the effect of the Corfiot weather, it can honestly be portrayed as a true Corfiot village.

What is it used for?

What could this village be used for?

It was almost destroyed in the 1950s by an earthquake, then fixed back up by the Boua Family and reopened as a museum.  Since then it has and can be used for movies, weddings, big dinners, tv shows, and any events.

Some of the movies and tv shows that have been shot here:

  • James Bond: “For your eyes only” in 1981
  • The Durrels (an English tv show about a family that movies to Corfu in the 1930s)
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 (shot in 2022, is still yet to be released)

There are 2 big squares, a coffee shop, a couple of restaurants, a museum with hundreds of year-old things from Corfu and some souvenir shops.

Because of this, it is a nice place to hold an event whether it is a marriage reception, tour, party or just to go for a coffee/to eat.


After the owners passed away it was taken over by the Grecotel Corfu Imperial in Gouvia.  It has not been opened to the public for many years and only with specific requests were you allowed in.  However,  as of 2022, the village is now open to the public and may even be open for the winter!

As said before there are 2 big squares, a coffee shop, a couple of restaurants, a museum with hundreds of year-old things from Corfu, and some souvenir shops so you have plenty to do on your exploration through Danilia Village!




  • Lorraine

    I would like to go to the village

    Is it accessible and open

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