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Corfu Hiking Map

Donkey Path to Saint George Detour

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Donkey path/Sea


30 minutes

Max Altitude

300 meters


2.5 KM


Medium (steep)



About the hike

This historic path is the Donkey Path to Saint George beach.  However, instead of taking a right to continue on the path to the mainstream beach, we tell you to go straight to reach an unknown area that is a beautiful spot to relax and be alone!  There are even multiple entrances to the sea.

So the path starts in the village of Makrades, but we won’t pick it up until further down on the dirt road, marked as 1. The view a couple of meters ahead is astonishing so get your phones ready.

Notice the cave up to the right, marked 2 on the map.  You can climb up and take a rest in this cave.

As you continue down the hill the road becomes asphalt, meaning ou might see some trucks of the locals doing work on their land but it isn’t likely.  Then you will see a sign for Saint George beach which is the number 3 on the map.

We will keep on going straight!

Soon after the road will finish and you will walk on the grass and find an opening to the sea. Explore all around here there is plenty to see.  There are some small beaches, rocks all over that you can hop from rock to rock, big open areas of grass where you can have a picnic, and much more.


CHECK OUT this video of the beautiful area


Photos in order with hike

Looking for a boat to rent?

Aeolus Boat Rentals is at Liapades beach so it is a little far away from this hike, but it is definitely the best place to rent a boat because of the landscape around Paleokastritsa and Liapades is not like anywhere else in Corfu.  Also, Aeolus boat rentals are a small family business that wants to serve you right!




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