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Earn your day at the beach with a HIKE

Corfu is the greenest island in Greece and it is also still so wild! It is very difficult to build outside of the villages and city making the mountains a heaven for hikers. As most people (especially hikers) that come to Corfu know, there is a Corfu Trail, this trail is about 220 meters longs and goes all around Corfu.

The hike that I would like to introduce you to today comes close to also the Corfu trail in some parts.

Vato Village

Vato is a medium size village with a mountain above it.  On the other side of this mountain it is ALL nature with, olive groves, hiking trails, wild beaches and more.  It is possible to do this hike from the village and you could also pass by a very beautiful monastery with a nice view.  On the map below it is the lime green trail.  However, we will start from some place else this hike.

Mirtiotissa Beach + Monastery

I won’t talk to much about Mirtiotissa Beach and it’s beautiful Monastery because i have a blog on it already, which you can find here

However, I will mention that it is one of Corfu’s precious gems that locals do whatever they can to keep theirs.  It is a nudist beach and does not have any business’s around except for 2 Tavernas, owned by locals and about 1 km in distance.  It is also not easy to get all the way down by car.  So expect to walk a little bit.

It is a small sandy beach with big rocks around that give it a very high quality style.

Then a 1 KM away is the monastery, you will most likely find Pappa Daniel there.  Here you will find a lot of history, nice view and some animals.  Click here to ready more


The hike is around 3 KM if you start from Mirtiotissa Beach.  It is all on a rock road until you get to the last 500 meters where you will see a sign.  This is where the downhill and forrest starts.

So as I said before, you can start from many places, but in this case we will start at Mirtiotissa Beach.  You can park the car anywhere you find and start.  You will be walking along the edge of the sea, under huge olive groves, on a rock road.  It will sometimes get a little bit steep but nothing too bad.

Along the way, you will see some abandoned, broken down building that were most likely used as storage for olive harvest supplies.  You will also find some trailers where people live at parts of the year.  You won’t see any electrical poles or wire and will wonder how they have electricity?

Answer: They don’t

These are very low key huts that have been there for many years.  How about water?  Some have a big tank that collects the rain water then they use a filter to clean it.

The hike is around 3 KM if you start from Mirtiotissa Beach.  It is all on a rock road until you get to the last 500 meters where you will see a sign.  This is where the downhill and forrest starts.

Along the hike, you will first be seeing these signs with the black circle.

Afterwards on the second part of the hike you will be seeing the one with the dark blue circle like below.


Hiking Map – Press on icon for description

Asa you can see the hike starts out on the black path and eventually you take a left to continue on the dark blue path that will lead you to Drialos Beach. It is a pretty easy hike but definitely bring some water, snacks, and athletic shoes. Other things that will be useful are a hat, sunglasses, sun tan lotion and the other usuals.

The place in the featured image is not Drialos beach but it is close. It is on the gray path that you see. It is a little difficult to get down. Steep and slippery.

Things to keep in mind

Okay so now you are ready to start the hike.  Before you start here are some things that you should keep in mind

  • Stop by the monastery
  • bring water, far away from any mini markets
  • watch out for snakes, you are in nature so always a possibility
  • don’t litter, the locals keep it clean, help them
  • if you see a local say hi!
  • the beach is rocky
  • Enjoy!



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