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Fish in Corfu


Corfu is a medium-sized island in the Ionian Sea.  So therefore there must be a lot of fish right? It must also be cheap and plenty of restaurants? It might be surprising to find out that this might not be the case.  There are a number of fishermen all over the island.  Why is it so hard to find?

Down south in the village of Boukari is known to be the best spot for fish.  Why is this?

What restaurants are good?

I will answer all these questions down below.

What kind of fish can you find in Corfu?

As assumed you can find many different kinds of fish! Here are a list of some of them.




saddled sea bream

Greater amberjack

gilt head bream

Epinephelus marginatus

Restaurants in Corfu with fresh fish!

Here is a big question that I am asked a lot.  It is not the easiest to find fresh fish in Corfu.  So here is a list of where you can definitely find good fish!

Niko’s Restaurant in Paleokastritsa  Sunset dinner is basically on the beach! Fresh food, fair prices.

Fishermen’s Cabin  – Saint George Pagon, very good fish, and view.  hard to get to.

Taverna Aspros  – in Liapades, Good fish and food, good prices, sketchy service.

Fishaldia in Corfu Town – Fishaldia is considered one of the best fish restaurants in Corfu but also on of the most expensive!

Boukari- There are multiple tavernas with fish here. It is considered the best place for fish in Corfu because there are many fishermen.

So… why can you not find too many “good fish restaurants” in Corfu?

First, there is a theory that many of the fish caught are sold to Villa’s and other private events since they pay a lot more.  Another reason is that fish is very hard to perfect so you would need a very good chef which there are not too many on Corfu.  I’m not sure which is true.  This is also why most likely fish is expensive.

Fish Market

In Corfu town, right next to the New Fort, there is a big market where you can find a lot of fresh fish!  You can also find many other things, for instance, fruit, coffee, restaurants and more. In Greek, it is called the Laiki Agora.

Where is it?


Delivery Fish!

Depending on where you are on Corfu this Car with fresh fish will pass by a couple of times a week.

If you hear someone calling Psadia!! and see this car you know you can get some fresh fish.

Fishing Trips


If you are interested in going fishing in the beautiful Corfu sea, either you are experienced or a beginner, it doesn’t matter contact me for more information.





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    Me and my partner are looking at going fishing just the two of us? Don’t mind if other people on the boat! Just don’t want to pay extortionate prices for just us two, any suggestions? Looking at tomorrow 13th or the 14th?


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      Hey contact me at +306986953276

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