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Glyko Beach in Liapades (directions with pictures)


The sweetest beach in Liapades is only one and it is named just that, sweet in Greek, which is Glyko.  You can imagine why it is called this.  It is a wild beach in the middle of Rovinia Beach and Liapades beach.  To get there you will have to do a little hiking.  There is a small path starting right outside the supermarket village market in Liapades.  Or you can get there from a small path right before you reach Rovinia beach.  It is really easy to get there and only takes about 10 minutes.

The beach itself is a small rocky beach.  There are some stairs that go up to a villa.  Imagine staying at this villa! Basically having a whole beach all to yourself.  However, no beach in Greece is private so everyone is welcome.  That’s why I’m suggesting this beach because it doesn’t get too much attention and it is secluded.

Another great thing about this beach is the sunset.  You will have an amazing view of it. It isn’t called the sunset beach like the beach up north in Peroulades but it could come close!

Right next to Glyko Beach, there is one more small secluded beach.  It is called Polybos Beach. If you are coming from Rovinia you will reach Polybos first.  You have to pass an abandoned house that I don’t understand how someone could abandon it, then you’re there.  Polybus is also small and sweet.  The fastest way to get to Glyko Beach from here is just to jump rock to rock along the water.  It is very easy.  However, there is a path that continues to the main road.


Directions (photos in order)

Hiking in Liapades

Liapades is a big village (big for Corfu) with many people.  However, nature is even bigger in Liapades.  For many years Olive trees were the main source of income in Liapades.  Therefore, the mountains are covered with them.  They would create paths in the mountains to get to places faster by walking.  Many are still there and are perfect for hiking.  Hiking in Corfu is becoming bigger and bigger.  The hiking in Liapades isn’t organized, but there are many paths big and small.  They lead to nice views, incredible beaches, and nice places to sit and have a picnic.  Click here for one of my favorite hikes in Liapades. It is about an hour hike to a beautiful beach called Iliodoros.



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