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Corfu Hiking Map

Hike from Liapades to Lakones!

Are you staying in Liapades and would like an ice cream from Dolce Cafe? Maybe, you want to see a jaw dropping view? Or how about to visit another old traditional village? Maybe you don’t have a car to move around or maybe you just like to hike, well there is a path from Liapades to Lakones that you can go by foot!

Below is a map where you can go from Liapades beach all the way to Lakones or to Paleokastritsa, whichever you prefer!

Press on icon for description


On the map there are 5 different colors of routes.  If you click on the icon or on the route a description will pop up.  These are the different hikes in Lakones/Paleokastritsa, one of them coming from Liapades Beach. As you can see some of the maps cross paths with each other so you can easily change paths from one to the other.  To get to Lakones from Liapades beach you would be on the green route then transfer to the blue.  It will take about 1 hour and is a steady increase in elevation.




  • Viktorija

    Hi Spiros,

    Just went to Iliodoros beach ourselves and find your QR codes on the trees.
    Thanks to them found marvellous Choma viewpoint!
    We noticed that the sign at the turn point from green path to violet is on the broken tree branch and will fall soon. Unfortunately we have no tools to repair it.
    Thank you for yor work!
    This is the most beautiful place we have seen.

    • admin

      Hey! Great to hear! If you need anything else feel free to contact me :).
      Thanks for letting me know!

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