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Corfu Hiking Map

Hike to Lakones Donkey Path

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Paleokastritsa/Lakones Top


60 minutes

Max Altitude

500 Meters


2.5 KM


Medium-Low (steep)






5 minutes

Max Altitude

475 meters


300 meters






This hike starts out in the famous Paleokastritsa.  Paleokastritsa is well-known for its iconic beaches, unforgettable scenery, and its cold water!  One of the best things to do in Paleokastritsa is rent a boat.  You can visit multiple beaches that will have little to no people because it is only accessible by boat.

There are many Tavernas in Paleokastritsa. My favorite personally is Niko’s Taverna. They have exceptional service, fresh meat, and fish, and can’t forget that is right on the beach.  The sunset is also visible from some tables so make you make a reservation.

Definitely, check out the Paleokastritsa Monastery which is one of the oldest in Corfu.  It has some hiking trails, farm animals, flowers, and amazing views.

Blue 1: is the start of the Hike.

Lakones Village

Blue 2: You arrive in the square of Lakones after about 30 minutes of hiking uphill.  Here is a very nice place to sit and take a break with a coffee or something more traditional of Corfu, a tsi-tsi birra.  Tsi-tsi birra is basically a Greek ginger beer, but better ;).

There is also a museum right above the coffee shop, that gives you a very good detailed presentation of the history of Lakones with very old photos and tools.  Ask Eutuxios, the Cafe store owner for the keys!

Walking around the village is a pleasure.  With its still very traditional ways, you can get a glimpse of how it was 10o years ago.  If you want something more modernized though go to Dolce Cafe. This cafe may have the best view of all Lakones.  They have very good handmade ice cream sold all over Corfu.  You will see on the map a blue ice cream cone.


As you continue uphill through the village you will pass by abandoned houses, locals, dogs, cats, and more.  This stone stairway is very old and still perfectly intact. They definitely made things with quality back then.

There will now be nothing but nature.  All the olive trees, flowers, and views will make you stop and take a breath to absorb the fresh air.

Ieros Naos Monastery

It is a little out of the way, but it is still worth a visit to this monastery which also has a great view also see a great view.

You made it!

Instead of taking a right to go to the monastery, you will take a left and immediately take another left which will put you on a small path uphill.

You will be on this path for another 10 minutes with a constant view of something special!

From here you can basically see the whole island.  It is a panoramic view of the top of the mountain that separates the middle from the North.

At the top, there is a cement block that was used for the military many years ago.

top of lakones


More information

I also take people on hikes if you want to learn more about the area and the life of the locals!

Here are some of the hikes I do

Donkey Path to Lakones: A Hike to the Past

Sun’s Gift: Hike to the Secret Beach

Agios Symeon: Hike & Breath

…and you definitely can’t forget another great experience in Corfu…

Going on a BOAT

To see Corfu from the sea click here!




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