Iliodoros, also pronounced Liniodoro is a wild beach in Liapades, Corfu.  Iliodoros is a beach not very well know and also not very frequently visited on foot/car.  This is because Iliodoros is up and over, then down the mountain of Liapades.  It is about a 1-1 and 1/2 hour hike.  Hiking to Liniodoro is always accompanied by a breath of fresh air. Since you are in the middle of nature, barely seeing any automobiles that produce exhaust, contaminating the air we breathe.  The roads are big enough for cars, however, they are filled with rocks that make it difficult for cars and motorcycles to pass.  Although, the typical 4×4 truck/jeep will do the job and you will occasionally see a local with a truck/jeep at Iliodoros.

Note: All the descriptions are for the pictures under them!


The hike to Liniodoro contains many steep roads that will leave even an athletic person a little winded!  Therefore, I definitely suggest taking your time.  Also, bringing plenty of water and protein-filled snacks! 

The tremendous amounts of green will leave you with a euphoric feeling.  Even the typical non-nature lover will feel a sense of gratitude admiring the enormous olive trees all over.  

Brief Description for You

After arriving at this mystical beach past the Liapades Olive groves, you will think nothing more of taking some photographs, then jumping into the sea to cool off.  In the pictures you take you will be able to capture millions of years of history. Just by seeing the rocks along the side of the mountain having been carved little by little after every single wave continuously hitting them, eventually looking like a human sculpted masterpiece. The desire you have for a sandy or pebble beach is answered because Iliodoros is a mix.  The very unique pebbles that are present here will make you want to search your favorite rock to take with you as a souvenir. 

Suggestions #2: Bring Water Shoes with you will definitely let you enjoy this beach more because of the number of rocks as you enter the sea!

Finally, I will now tell you thoroughly how to get to Iliodoros.  I like the phrase a picture says 1000 words.  In that case, I will show you step by step with pictures, making it as easy as possible for you to recognize every road needed to arrive to this extraordinary beach.

Road to the Untouched Beach, Iliodoros

First, you will enter liapades and you will see the Liapades Bus Stop.

You will take a right here and go straight all the way until you reach Supermarke Athina.  Here you will take the left up the hill.

Contiue straight you will pass the sign for Rovinia.  Also a very nice beach but you will be amongst plenty of people.

As you go up the hill, you will reach the top.  Take the left at the top of the hill.

Continue on this road for about 10 minutes, eventually going downhill then greeted by another steep hill!

Next, you will see this scenery.  Here, take a right.

Don’t forget to take some pictures and enjoy the nature!

At the end of the hill, you will be glad to see this long staight level road! It won’t last for long though…

After that, you will reach a 3 way intersection where you will take a right.

However, take a look to your left. You might get lucky and see my friend here!

Soon you finally reach some downhill!

Don’t forget to take some pictures!

Continue downwards enjoying the break from the up hills!

Soon you will reach here, knowing you are still on the right track!

Then, you will see this sign that says warning for fires. Here you will go left.

Going straight for a little bit longer. You will see these two roads. Keep on straight. Going left you will take you to the village Marmaro through the mountains. It is also the path for the Corfu Mountain Trail.

Now you have evaded all the up hills and will be on a big descent.

Next, you will reach this beautiful view. Be sure to take a picture.

If you are going in April, pay attention along the sides of the roads for wild asparagus.

Here the road isn’t too good so pay attention where you step. Also, keep right! You will most likely start to be able to hear the waves from here as well.

Along the sides of the road you will also see wild fennel!

Eventually, continuing straight, you will reach level ground. This means you are very very close.

Iliodoros is in SITE! Keep site seeing, enjoying the amazing colors of nature. Turn your head right to some intense shades of green.

Now you have finally reach Iliodoros! There are most likely not many people there so you can enjoy some quiet! If you want some company or don’t feel comfortable doing the hike by yourself, I also offer a tour!


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