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How to get to Limni (with photos)

Limni is another beautiful beach in the old village of Liapades. Like many of the others, it is also wild. However, there is something different about Limni.

Limni in Greek means Lake. So now, you may be wondering why would a beach be called a lake? Well, I could tell you once you go and see Limni you will understand, but because this is an informational blog I will explain now.

Limni is a beach with the sea on 2 sides. It is like the beach Porto Timoni in Afionas (North Corfu). On one side you have the view of a partially open sea with rocks on both sides. On the other side, you have the view of Paleokastritsa. On this side you can not see the open sea only the land a couple of KM away. Also, the sea is normally calmer on this side. For both of these reasons, it was named Limni (lake).

It is a small rocky beach that is a nice place to go hiking. There is the Corfu Trail nearby and you can also get to the beach Rovinia through trails. I will mention later how. Also, a little bit more difficult and a lot further is the beach Iliodoros that you can also reach by trails.

However, in this blog, I will show you how to get to Limni from Supermarket Athena in Liapades.

In the picture below, you have Supermarket Athena exactly on your right. You will take the left up the hill for your first step.

You will pass the turn for Rovinia and go up another hill then reach a small downhill.

Keep going straight

You will these rocks and a very sharp turn.

Take a deep breath and go up this steep hill!

Then you will go downhill for about 100 meters and reach this right turn. Most people will park their car on this road. To go down the next road with your car isn’t a great idea.

About another 100 meters down the hill you will come across this path on your left. This way leads to Limni but going straight will also. However, this way is faster.

You will see this sign and know you are on the rigth track.

Now you will start going down stairs.

Now if you lucky you might see this Self-Service cooler. Since there are no mini markets around it nice to have this option to feel refreshed!

self-service limni

Now you have a couple more steps and you will finally reach the sea!

Limni! On the right you have why they name this beautiful beach Limni.

This guy is here a lot doing something on his boat…..

There is a small pathway up the otherside that is a nice place to go exploring. However, it is a bit closed off with bushes and prickers.

Once you get up the path and walk around this is something you can find!

After you get back to the beach and hang out for a little bit. If you want to check out another small beach continue scrolling down.

Once you get back up to where the self-service sign is you will be able to take a left. You will see the path below.

Take a left to go down the stairs and this very nice alternative beach!

Or if you have had enough of beaches for 1 day take a right the will lead you back to your car.

You will come across this abandoned house. If you take a right you will keep on going on the road back to your car. or if you go around the house you will see a trail that continues on to Rovinia beach!

As you can see it is not that difficult. The only thing that is difficult is the steepness.

If you have any more questions about Corfu there are a bunch more blogs that might help you out and I also have an Instagram page. @mycorfuexperience If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Here are some accommodations close to Limni where you can stay!

Villa Casa Nuova



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