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How to get to Porto Timoni Beach in Corfu

You have heard of Porto Timoni I guess right? It has become bigger than Paleokastritsa. A wild beach, that has the sea on 2 sides. You see me writing a lot about a beach in Liapades “Limni” with the same. However, Porto Timoni is an even better example of “nature”, “wild” and “a must see”. How do you get there though? What is the best way? For who? In the blog I will explain all this and more about Corfu’s newly famous beach.

How do you get to Porto Timoni Beach?

Well, first of all, that’s where it is. It is in the village Afionas. A very old village, that has the view of all the Diapontia Islands. Ereikoussa, Othoni, and Mathraki.  There is a path in the village which is not hard to find. Straight on the main road, where you walk and walk. It takes about 20-30 minutes to get down.  There are a lot of steps, however, there are plenty of nice views along the way.

There is one iconic place where everyone needs to take a selfie.  I don’t even need to post here a photo of the place becuase it will be obvious to you.

But I will.

Yes it’s a nice walk down, but maybe we should take a look at the other side of things. It will be very difficult to find parking in the village. Even the paid parking will be hard to find and if you do it is a 15 minute walk until you start on the path.  Those then total to get down will be around 45 minutes.  I’m not sure how much it costs, but around 4 or 5 euros is a good estimate.

Next, after a long day at the beach, absorbing the 40 degree weather and drinking a lot of Corfu Beer’s you have to walk all the way back up.  It will be exhausting esecially if you arent in the best physical shape.  Atleast, you will burn all the calories that you just drank though….

There is one other option. It may just be worth it…


Taxi Boat or Rent a Boat!

A good option. Actually, a great option. Saint George Beach is very close to Porto Timoni. At Agios Georgios (the greek name) there is a boat rental company called Porto Timoni Boat Rentals. Agios Georgios? Plenty of parking, close to the beach, and flat. So why go all the way to Afionas and pay for parking and have to walk so much when you can park at Agios Georgios.  Then an easy short walk to the beach, specifally to this boat rental and ask them for a lift.

Guess how much.

10 euros per person! Not only are they bring you to one of the best beaches, but you will also get a boat ride. To me it’s a win-win.  There is an even better solution..

Rent your own boat. Yes, you can and no you do not need a license. They will give you a short lesson then you will be on your way. You can go to Porto Timoni Beach or if you get bored you can go to many more!

So some say, yes, but then you won’t get to see the village. It is a beautiful village that is also a must see.  This is true, however, would you must rather go up first check out the village then go back down and at the end of the day when you are exhausted not have any hard work to do? To me it is a no brainer.

So I’ll just leave their contact information below.

Porto Timoni Boat Rentals



Phone number:+30 695 309 4419



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