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Hypapante Church, Gouvia Corfu

hypapante church

This picturesque church goes back all the way to the 18th century during the Venetian occupation. Daniel Kompitsi a Cretan, who moved to Corfu with his family is said to have built the Church. After Daniel’s death the church was put into the hand of the well known Theotoky family. A while later the italian Scarpa family bought it. However, after the Yiannis Scarpas died no one took care of it and therefore started to decay. Not until 1996, the community of Gouvia restored the church to the beautiful place you see today. (source:

February 2nd is this church’s feast day.

If you are at Gouvia Beach you can easily see it and it’s also not that far of a walk around, maybe 30 minutes. For the first half the walk isn’t that pleasant, being on a busy road, but after you will definitely enjoy. There are many ducks and some swans as if it is a lake floating around.

The pictureque islet gets mistaken for the iconic image of Corfu, the Vlacherna Monastery because it is very similar. However, even though the Hypapante church has a unique beauty, it is not very well known. Even amongst Corfiot’s!



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