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Iliodoros Beach for hikers

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Village hike


Liapades village/Iliodoros


45 minutes

Max Altitude

250 Meters


4 KM


Medium (steep)



Limni trail




30 minutes

Max Altitude

140 meters


1.6 KM


Medium (small path)



Hidden path


Road/Paradise Beach view


10 minutes

Max Altitude

75 meters


150 meters


medium (prickers)



Sun’s Gift Beach

Iliodoros in English means Sun’s Gift.  That is the name of this beach.  Can you guess how it got its name?

No matter what time of the day there is sun on this beach.

It is about an hour hike with nature and nice views. No cars or even people will disturb you.

(at the bottom of the page is a link to a page with directions with pictures)

liniodoro colors

If you have heard of the Corfu Trail, you will be on it for a couple of km on this hike.  The Corfu trail is a 220km hike all around Corfu.  Many people come to Corfu in the spring and autumn to walk along the trail. You can do as much of the hike as you want.  Here is a map of it.

corfu trail

A beautiful beach with many different shades of green.  This hike is what hiking on Corfu means.

What do i mean?

First of all, this hike is steep, it is on a mix of asphalt, rock, and dirt.  For the majority of the hike, you will be walking next to and under Corfu olive trees.

It is easy to get lost so make sure you follow the map.  For pictures every step of the way, go to this page.  Since Iliodoros is hard to get to for many reasons many people choose not to go.  However, it is easily accessible by boat.  So most of the people you will see at this beach will be by boat.  But only a couple of boats fit in the sea right in front of the beach.  Also, depending on the waves that day it is possible there will be no boats either.

It seems like Iliodoros was meant for only a couple of people!

Along the way

During the duration of this hike depending on which path you choose to take you may see many other beaches, and different herbs such as fennel, thyme, laurel, sage, and more.

If you go through the village you will see the beautiful architecture of the old houses, some from the 16th century.  Most of the houses have a Venetian style since the Italians were here for many years.  Going through the village you can also stop by the unique Liapades square where you may see many of the locals sitting having a coffee.  On your way back, stop for a very special dish at Marineris which is in the square of Liapades as well (on the map marked as a square).

If you are coming from Limni Beach you will be on a very small trail for about 45 minutes.  However, if you are a hiker this path will excite you and probably tempt you to take other directions which look like paths.   Taking this path, I would suggest being at least with one other person and also to be fit.  Expect to come out with a scrape or 2 from the prickers.


Paradise Beach view

Marker number 3 on the map is the best view of Paradise beach.  The view is astonishing and will definitely make your top 5 on your next Instagram posts ;).  A couple of times I have come across wild goats up here, maybe you will be lucky enough too.

Insiders tip: If you go to this view go after 12:00 for the sun to be at its best spot on the mountain.

Paradise Beach

Sun’s Gift: Hike to the Secret Beach

This is the name of my hike to this beach.  If you would like a guide, I would be happy to take you and tell you about the area.  I also enjoy hiking and meeting new people! Click here to find out more. Always feel free to check out some other hikes with me here


Directions to this beach with pictures 

Not a hiker?

Maybe you are not a hiker or maybe you arrived to this beautiful beach and don’t want to go back by foot.  Here’s an option! Call Aeolus boat rentals. They will come and pick you up from this beach or any other.  After they will take you where ever you want.  You can ask them for a tour, to be dropped off at another beach or just to the port.



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