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Issos beach, Cedar Forest and Lake Korrision

issos beach corfu

Down in Southern Corfu the landscape is very different from the north. It is flatter and the beaches, at least on the west coast, are predominantly sand. This also includes the nudist beach Issos Beach. Issos beach is next to the also well known Chalikounas Beach and they share Lake Korrision behind. However, Issos Beach is unique because right behind, in between the beach and the lake are hundreds of cedar trees in hills of sand dunes. It is a protected area and has some beautiful sunsets to give.

Issos Beach

Issos Beach is a long sandy nudist beach.  It is connect with Chalikounas Beach.  It is a great place to go for some privacy beach it is such a huge beach.  You might just need to walk a bit to get away from the crowd.  There are some sunbeds and sea sports at this beach and more things at the beaches that border it.

Cedar Forest

Like I said before, behind Issos beach is a big plot of land full of cedar trees, hense “cedar forest“. Also, known as Spider Forest for all the spiders building their webs from tree to tree.  This is only for part of the year though, mostly June.  On the ground you will find plenty of tiny sea shells, and there are also some hare running around.

Lake Korrision

Lake Korission is a beautiful natural lagoon located in South Corfu behind Chalikounas beach and Issos beach. It is a unique and ecologically significant wetland area that is part of the Korission Lagoon – Cape Asprokavos Natura 2000 site. The lagoon is known for its stunning natural beauty, with pristine sandy beaches, dunes, and crystal-clear waters. It’s a haven for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts as it provides a habitat for various bird species and other wildlife. Visitors can explore the area’s biodiversity, enjoy birdwatching, or simply relax on the picturesque beaches while taking in the tranquil surroundings. Lake Korission is a popular destination for eco-tourism and a place to appreciate the natural wonders of Corfu.

Places to stay close to Issos Beach

Villa Flamingo – If you are looking for a villa

Seaview Apartments – A simple place close to the beach



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