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Paragliding corfu

Coming to Corfu is great and all, but don’t you want to experience some more than just the hotel pool, beach, or food? Can you really say you’ve been to Corfu if you haven’t traveled around?

Well, now with technology, there is no excuse. There are so many experiences out there that will completely open your eyes to a variety of things in Corfu. Whether it be the landscape, culture, history, people or even some of the bad things. Of course, there are also con’s about Corfu and it is good to see them all. To learn more everywhere you go.

Below are some experiences that I can personally recommend. They all offer a different side of Corfu whether it be paragliding above, having a drink at a very elegant port, dancing with locals at the village festival, or many others.

Take a look at the experiences I have posted below and let me know which one you would like to try. Some are with me, some aren’t, some are free, some can be expensive. If you really can not find one that you are interested in, still contact me and we will find something!



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