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Have you every been to small island close to the island? Corfu (Kerkyra) many small islands around it and also the mainland close by. With Kerkyralines you can go to most of these places if not all!

Diapontia Islands

Far far away into the Ionian Sea there is a fairly big island called Corfu.  Very popular with the Brits and also the Italians, Corfu (Greek name Kerkyra) was named after Poseidon’s daughter Korkyra.  North-west of the popular island that many countries have tried to invade are the Diapontia Islands.  They consist of 3, Mathraki, Othoni and Ereikoussa (south to north).

These islands are not very well modernized.  Yes there is electricity and some running water.  However, it will be hard to find a place to stay, renting a car is not really possible and trips everyday back to Corfu is not the case.

However, if you are looking for quiet holidays, one of these Diapontia Islands is the quietest holidays your ever have!

The all year round inhabitance of all three islands is around 1000 and during the summer it is not that much more.

Kerkyralines has a ferry there almost everyday in the summer time.  The timetables still hasn’t been posted, but I will update this post when they do!

However, they router starts from the port in Corfu Town -> Ereikoussa -> Othoni -> Mathraki


Corfu -> Igoumenitsa is their most common route – every 2-3 hours. If you have run out of things to do in Corfu (which I highly doubt) and are looking for an experience, visiting Igoumenitsa for the day is not only a cheap and a full day experience, but you will get to go on a ferry, explore a clean, frienly city and do lots more depending on you!  Tickets are cheap between 5-10 euros/person and a regular sized car is 20 euros.

If you bring a car there are a lot more things to do (obviously), for expample, hiking, seeing some waterfalls, going to the famous Parga or Syvota!




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