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Kyra Dikia: a islet just off the coast of West Corfu

Kyra Dikia corfu

Kyra Dikia is a small islet just off the coast of west Corfu next to the village Sinarades. There is a Church at the top that only opens 2 days of the year, June 29th and September 8th. These are the celebration dates for the Panagas Kyra Dikia. It used to be inhabited by monks, however, now no one lives on the islet.

Beaches Close By and how to get there

The closest beaches by Kyra Dikia are, Agios Gordios Beach, Yaliskari Beach and Kontogialo Beach. At these beaches it is possible to rent a boat and go around the island. You can also take a boat tour and go up onto the islet and see from up close the history. There isn’t much there, 2 buildings and a lot of nature.



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