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Ladokolla Grill


Ladokolla Grill is one of the most popular grills in Corfu with the locals.  There is no nice views.  It is in the square of Temploni, Corfu. You are in the middle of nature here. It is run by 2 young guys that know a lot about the food industry.  One is a chef that will usually come out and ask how the meals are.  The other is the head of the front of the house.

They have a unique style at Ladokolla and it works for them!  Ladokolla means Oil glue in Greek.  I know what you are thinking….  But there is a reason.  When they first opened they would serve everything on the sheet of paper that is called oil glue.  There were no plates.  This was their “style”.  Eventually, they changed and now they only serve the meat and french fries on the oil glue but they made a name for themselves.

In the winter, many greeks come here to enjoy their weekend dinner where they will have live music and dancing.  It is a very friendly, fun environment.


Food and Drinks

The food is very unique.  I have never had better-grilled mushrooms than here at Ladokolla.  I have recommended Ladokolla to countless people and I never get a bad thing from them.  They are very fair people with great food at a good price.



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