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Lakes of Central Corfu


If there is one thing that is not well known even by the locals in Corfu but is worth knowing, is the lakes and walking paths in Central Corfu.  There are around 5 small lakes in this area, but some are not accessible or it is difficult to get to.  So here are 2 lakes and also the beautiful nature that has gone unknown by most.

Limni in Greek = Lake


Kavourolimni is the first lake that I will show you.  It is closest to Temploni.  The locals, farmers, and curious are the only ones that know this lake is here.

When I first heard about this lake in Corfu I was surprised that it is 10 minutes from my house and I never knew about it.  Also, there were some stories that in some places around this Corfiot lake it is haunted.  They say you arrive at the lake on one side and you get the feeling of bad energy and/or you will hear voices at night.  To say the least, there are rumors about Kavourolimni. It took me a little time to find it because I took a road that was not the best for my car and I had to go slow, eventually, I ended up doing my exploring on foot.  When I arrived I did not have any bad feeling though, just the opposite, it was amazing.

This lady, Eleutheria, however, confirmed the rumors and she is a local.  I came across her while I was exploring.  She was walking around picking wild asparagus.  It was March and this is the time when you can start to find plenty of it! She told me it is a wonderful place and they used to go swimming in the lakes, but not anymore, not sure why.

There is an opening to the lake west side of  Kavourolimni that is very beautiful.  It is a perfect spot for a picnic.

Because there is an opening to see the lake and also you have this big oak tree for shade! Come here to sit by the lake eat something fresh and relax.  Also, you will be alone. The chances of seeing someone is very low.

I have taken some people and they really enjoy it.  For example, this family is below.  Also, it is an easy walk for children!

As you walk on the road (some dirt, rock or asphalt) you are in the middle of nature.  With only a few houses in the area going for a walk or hiking is a pleasure.  You might see along the way horses, sheep, goats, donkeys, cows, and some other animals that the locals have on their land.

There are mostly olive trees around here that the locals have planted many years ago that they still harvest today.

To get the most out of this beautiful place you should definitely come either in the spring or autumn because of the wildflowers!

In the summertime, it is also nice to take a walk here because there is a lot of shade and it is flat, but there might not be too much water in the lake and any flowers.


Gaidarana Limni

These lakes are not your traditional Corfu lakes. Many people will go to see Chalikounas lagoon down south or Vromolimni up north.  Yes, these places are very beautiful and I suggest going there, but if you are the type of person that likes different, to go where the tourists don’t know, these lakes and nature are for you!

This Corfiot lake you will have more and easier access to. Also, better views.  There isn’t a great place to have a picnic in the shade but to have a picnic in the sun there is an amazing place!  There are also many small paths around where you can explore the area! Also, many frogs that you will hear chirping from far away.  You may even get lucky and find one on the road like me!  There are also a number of different species of birds.  They love it here because there is barely any pollution.


The Haunted House

Right about Gaidarana Limni there is a building.  The area around this building is beautiful with trees and wildflowers (in the spring).  However, they say if you come here at night you might hear screams! Not story is not well known, but even the locals in the area do not like walking past this building at night!

It also has a nice view of Gaidarana Limni and the valley for many kilometers.

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