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Liapades – All you need to know


The village of Liapades is on the Northern midwest side of Corfu only a couple of kilometers away from the famous Paleokastritsa. Being only a 25-minute drive to the city, this is my favorite area in Corfu. The village starts at the beginning of the mountain and finishes around 200 meters above sea level. The villagers live in this part which is considered the old part of Liapades. Closer to the beaches and down the mountain are where most of the Hotels and Rooms to let are, where the tourists stay.


The village is from the 1500s and still has some broken-down buildings from this time. In the 1500s the Venetians were currently ruling Corfu and by the architecture, it is very noticeable. While walking around the village notice how many doors have an oval shape with a symbol in the middle at the top. This was the symbol of the family that lived there. If you have ever been to many places in Italy, you instantly noticed the similarities. You can still find some buildings from the 1800s still in decent condition.

Where does the name Liapades come from? Everything comes from somewhere and I always find it interesting if we can trace things back to their origin. Well, as I said before, Liapades is close to Paleokastritsa. A very popular for the beach, rent a boat, eat seafood, and more. One of these areas in Paleokastritsa close to the port is called Alipa. The locals of Liapades originally came from this area of Paleokastritsa called Alipa. You can see how similar the name is Alipa – Liapades.

Why did the villagers move up the mountain?

Although we do not know for sure, the reason why the people of Alipa moved up Liapades, most people know the story that to shelter from the cold in the winter and the hot in the summer they moved up there. Also, it is said that the pirates were continuously arriving at the shore and attacking so to have a better defense plan they went up to higher ground. This is the same situation for the village Lakones. There are many people of the villages Lakones and Liapades that have a property in Paleokastrtisa from many years ago.

Where to eat?

Since Liapades is situated on the side of a mountain, it can be a little strenuous to walk. However, it definitely is possible and there are many places to eat within walkable distance.

Bakery– There are a couple of bakeries in Liapades that are also a good choice for a cheap breakfast. When you pass Costas steak house on your way into the village there is one if you turn left and one if you turn right. I usually choose the one on the right because they will have a bigger selection. They have apple pies, cheese pies, spinach pies, bougatsa (cream pie), ham and cheese pie, chocolate pie, biscuits, and bread.

Greeks drink a greek coffee for breakfast then around 10 am they will get one of these to eat.

Costas Steak House – Costas Steak house is at the beginning of Liapades on your left as you enter the village. It is a restaurant I have been to and definitely recommend. It is not your typical greek taverna so if you have been eating greek food and want something different this is your place! Living in America most of my life, I have eaten many steaks and burgers. This place beats some places in America. The service is very professional, always polite and there to assist. They speak very good English. It is a little expensive but because of the quality, it is fair.

Cafe Skampus– Cafe Skampus is a small grill soon after Costas Steak House. You can come here and expect very friendly service. It is a coffee and grill so you can come to sit for a drink as well. Here, the main thing to get is their pita’s (gyros). Cafe Skampus in Liapades has decent food at a great price. It is perfect if you are looking for something quick.

Marineris Grill– Marineris Grill is another small grill but in the square of Liapades. The food is amazing and so is the atmosphere. If you want a traditional greek experience come here at least one time. In the evening, after 19:00 you will find many locals in the square sitting around, drinking, smoking, and having a good time. If you want a pita though, Marineris will usually not offer them, sometimes for taking away though. The price is fair.

Fish Taverna Aspros– Taverna Aspros is when you start getting into the tourist section of Liapades. It is right across from Nadia’s Bike rentals. Aspros in greek means white. Not sure why they named it that though. Sometimes, I hear complaints about the service here. The food is always great. Many people coming here for fish. It is the only place in Liapades i would recommend for fish. The prices are really good and the view is amazing. The sunset is visible from wherever you choose to sit. The service, however, is known to be a little slow. If you don’t mind waiting (you are on vacation so….) then come here and enjoy the fresh air.

Also, bring cash.

Michalis Taverna– I have never been here so I will not say, but I have heard them be good. They have traditional greek meals.

The Village Diner– The Village Diner is next to Michalis Taverna going down the hill of Liapades. They have pizza, pasta, and some seafood. I would say everything is decent here.

Aria’s Grill– Aria’s Grill is another place I have never been to, but I have not heard any bad things about them.

Vergina Cafe and Bar– Vergina Cafe and Bar is right across from Supermarket Athena in Liapades. If people ask where to have breakfast I will send them here. They have quick tasty meals that are light. If you are not thinking of taking a nap after lunch and aren’t that hungry this will suffice.

They also have a tv here and play sports games.


WOW this section is what most of you have been waiting for right? Beaches in Liapades. There are so many and also a lot of different kinds. I will tell you everything you want to know about the beaches in Liapades.

Liapades Beach (Gefyra)

Liapades Beach is the main beach of Liapades. This beach is also called Gefyra. It is after the long curvy main road of Liapdes. It is a very steep road and the parking is too easy. The only parking is street parking. If you are here in July or August it will be hard to find any spots so the best thing to do would be to come early or towards the evening. The other option would be to come by scooter, however, if you have rented a 50 cc and you are 2 people it might be a little difficult going up the hill.

So you have found parking and you are now at the beach. The first thing you will see is the beautiful nature all around you. It is a small beach compared to the beaches you probably regularly go to. There is so much green around it is refreshing. The beach its self is a mix between sand and rocks. The water gets deep pretty quick. Next, you will notice the sunbeds. Yes, Liapades beach is an organized beach. There is a Hotel with a restaurant and boat rental company. Then there is also a snack bar called Gefyra, a boat rental company called Aeolus boat rentals and sunbeds to rent out.

The price of the boats go up and down summer long but they will range from 60 – 120 euros. For most of these boats, a license is not necessary because they are not fast boats, usually around 30 hp. Renting a boat is definitely one of the best experiences you can have on Corfu. Admiring Corfu from the sea is a lifelong memory. I do not exaggerate. It is also nice to rent a boat because there are so many beaches along the west coast of Corfu that you can only visit by boat. I will name many later but know they are amazing. If you do not feel comfortable being the captain of your own boat and you would like to go to one of these beaches you still can. They are called taxi boats and they cost around 20 euros for a round trip.

Good to knows

  • The sunset at Liapades Beach is perfect!
  • When you are facing the sea there is a trail in the forest that leads to the begining of Paleokastritsa. Just follow the green lines. It is a part of the Corfu Mountain Trail.

*click on beach title to get directions

Rovinia Beach

Rovinia beach has become one of the most popular beaches in Corfu the past 5 years due to social media. It is beautiful. The road to get down to Rovinia Beach is very steep and not the best so I recommend parking at the top. There are a couple of parking lots as you go down some free, some paid, but I still recommend parking at the top. It is about a 15-minute walk down. Again, it is very steep.

Secret: Once you get down to the last parking there is a hidden opening on your right side in the corner. If you go down this it will lead you to a very small beach. Not many people know about it so you might be alone! This path also connects to a path a part of the Corfu Mountain Trail which goes straight to Liapades Beach.

Well, let’s say you want to keep on going down to Rovinia (don’t blame you), As you go down the steps pay attention to your right side. There are a couple of little openings where you can take a great photo.

Finally, you reach Rovinia. A beautiful sand/pebble beach in Liapades. If you are hiking and want to continue on the Corfu mountain trail, it is on your left-hand side facing the sea.

One of my favorite things about Rovinia is there is always either shade or sun here. The way it is positioned lets you move back in forth depending on your preference. There is no need for an umbrella. However, Rovinia Beach is a wild beach so make sure you bring some drinks and snacks because there are no restaurants or cafes. There is a cantina that sells food and drinks but it is expensive. There are also no sunbeds or hotels or any businesses. That is one of the reasons why I consider it one of the best beaches because it is a wild beach. Only nature.

BE PREPARED: the water is usually very cold at all the beaches in Liapades.

The sunset at Rovinia is also very nice but if you are looking to be alone around that time it will be difficult. Unless it is in the slow season people stay at this beach until late.

Limni Beach

Limni Beach in Liapades is also a very nice beach but it has some cons. First, let’s talk about the pros! So Limni is another wild beach. There are no businesses. You are surrounded by only nature. Limni is very unique because there is the sea on both sides! It is like a miniature Porto Timoni. Limni in Greek means lake and that is why it is called Limni because it looks like a lake on one side. On one side you can only see Paleokastritsa and the mountains above and on the other, you can see the open sea.

This beach is also connected to Rovinia so if you are a hiker, these paths are perfect for you. I actually host an experience where I go hiking in the mountains of Liapades and visit different beaches. It is on Airbnb experiences also. It is called Sun’s Gift: Hike to the Secret Beach.

So, you can see that there are plenty of reasons to visit this beach, but I must say it is not for everyone. First, the parking is not good. You will have to park on a steep hill. The walk to the beach is another very steep hill about 15 minutes. Be prepared for a workout.

Note: For all beaches in this area, you will first have to go down a steep hill.

Also, The beach is a rocky beach… It is not that comfortable to lay down.

Oh yeah, and if you like snorkeling, this is the best beach for that.

Limni is a better beach to stay at for the sunset if you are looking to be alone with your partner. You won’t find too many people there that late.

Good to know: There is also a small beach right next to Limni, called Klimatia Beach. Depending on which way you are coming you will either reach Limni or Klimatia first.

There are 2 abandoned houses near Limni, one on each side. It is a mystery why the owners let them go.

Iliodoros Beach

Iliodoros Beach is my favorite. Everything about it. It is a small-medium size beach. It is about an hour and a half hike away from civilization. Iliodoros means in greek “sun’s gift” I liked the name so much I named my studios after it. It is called Iliodoros because from sunrise to sunset there is always sun here. It is the “sun’s gift” to us.

Sun’s Gift is a mix between rock and sand, nature all around you with an uncountable number of shades of green.

I host a hike to this beach called Sun’s Gift: Hike to the Secret Beach. It is a pretty difficult hike because of the steep hills. Believe me, hiking to this beach in July or August will be a strenuous workout because of the 40-degree heat combined with the steep hills. That’s why, it is usually best to go hiking in May, June, September, and October. Either way, the satisfaction you will get after this difficult hike of jumping into the Ionian Sea will be nonetheless than amazing.

The only people that will usually be at this beach are the people that arrive by boat. I personally have never seen more than 10 people at this beach at a time. This is because it is a long hike with no signs. You can’t come here by car so it is not attractive to many people for the inaccessibility. Many people like hiking but it is not the easiest beach to find in the Liapades mountain so most choose not to try.

However, along the way, there are a couple of amazing views. There is one view of Paradise Beach, that will end up in your profile picture. I am sure. The path to this view is a little hidden, but if you contact me personally I would be glad to try and describe it to you.

Before this path, there is also another path that will lead to Limni Beach. It will take about one hour and is a small path. Therefore, if you don’t want to come out with any scrapes it is best to take the main road.

Anyways, the water is amazing. Be sure to bring your snorkeling gear also for this beach. Also, bring your water shoes because there are a lot of rocks in the water.

If you get down to this beach and don’t feel like hiking all the way back, there is a solution. Call me at, +306986953276 and I can call you a Taxi boat or go to and call them to pick you up.

Beach of Liapades (only accessible by boat)

There are many beaches in Liapades that are still only accessible by boat. Those are usually the most attractive for obvious reasons. Renting a boat gives you the freedom to do what you want when you want while taking your time. However, it is not the only option. Like I said earlier, there are taxi boats. They usually cost 20 euros and will take you from one beach to another.

Chomoi/Paradise Beach– Paradise Beach is a long skinny beach. For the past 2 years, it has not been allowed to go because the rocks have been falling. Nevertheless, many people come to this beach but enjoy it from their boat. The water is spectacular. From above, it looks like the boats are floating because the water is so clear.

Stelari Beach– About the same size as Paradise Beach. There is usually a store that sells drinks and rents out sunbeds here.

Mikro Stelari Beach

Kolias Beach

Krouza Beach

Plaka Beach

Do’s and Don’ts of Liapades


  • say gia sou to everyone
  • go to the square of the village
  • walk around the old village
  • sit down for a coffee
  • have a conversation with a local


  • take pictures of anyone without asking
  • litter
  • stare without saying hello

Where is the bus stop?

liapades bus stop

The bus stop of Liapades is easy to find. There is only one and it is right next to Costas steak house.,+Greece/@39.6716969,19.7415178,19z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x135b50ba89513c9d:0x500bd2ce2ba02f0!8m2!3d39.6692086!4d19.7404848


I have already mentioned a lot about hiking in the previous paragraphs. Here, I will be more specific. In Liapades, there are many paths in the mountains perfect for hikers. There is a Trail in Corfu called the Corfu Trail. It is 220 km long that goes all around Corfu. It also passes through Liapades. You know you are on this path when you keep on seeing green lines spray-painted on the ground or on rocks. The trails are not very well maintained, but they do the job. The starting point for the Corfu Trail in Liapades is at Liapades Beach. It ends in the mountain, going into the village of Kanakades. Here is some more information about the Corfu Trail if you are interested.

Where to rent a car/scooter in Liapades?

There are a few car/scooter rental places in Liapades. Nadia’s Bikes is for scooters 50cc or 125cc, bicycles, or quads. For car rentals, there is Smart Car Rental and Safety Car Rental. However, I would only choose one of these if I was already in Liapades not having made a reservation for one before coming. The car rental services at the airport are usually much cheaper. Just be sure always to get insurance.




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