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Liapades Beach, Corfu

Where is it?

Liapades Beach in Corfu is at the end of the main road in Liapades.  It is a long steep road with a lot of turns,  the roads are too big either so drive slow.

What to do?

Do you mean other than enjoying the sun on your face, sand on your feet, and listening to the waves of the sea?

Well first of all Liapades Beach is a small organized beach.  There is only one organized beach in Liapades and this is it.  As you drive down the road you pass by hotels and mini markets. There is no mini-market on the beach so make sure to get it before unless you want to buy it from the restaurant or snack bar.

On the beach there is a hotel with a restaurant and next to it is a separately owned snack bar. Both places have their own sunbeds that you can rent out and also their own boats.  One is named aeolusboatrentals.

If you want to be the captain of the boat, no license is required.  They are small boats, about 30 hp.  You will be able to rent it out for 4 or 8 hours.  I consider this the best experience on Corfu.  Being on the water all day, taking a break at any beach in the area, most wild beaches, seems like a dream to me.  There are over 15 beaches around Paleokastritsa-Liapades that you can go to.

Hiking trails and more

You won’t find any water sports at this beach.  However, there are plenty of hiking trails in the area.  There is one that goes to the main road to Paleokastritsa, another one that goes to the beach Glyko and Rovinia. It is not hard to go for a walk and find a very nice place to be alone along the rocks.  There are even small beaches around that are not well known so you will be able to have some privacy.

There are over 4 million olive trees in Corfu and many of them still produce olives.  Even though Corfu is known for Kumquat, olives trees are the real symbol of Corfu.  There is also another tree here, the cypress tree.  To the Greeks it’s called the finger of God. (daktila tou theou). These trees are perfect for building because they are so straight.  Cypress trees need lots of water to grow.  Many may think, then how does it grow in Corfu? But it rains a lot in the winter and also, we have a lot of humidity that waters the land overnight.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  I am always there trying to help you have the best holiday possible!

I organize hikes, tours around Corfu, recommend places to eat, and so much more.

….Oh yeah, the sunset from here is amazing…..




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