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Corfu Hiking Map

Liapades-Glyko-Rovinia Hike

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Liapades Beach/Rovinia


20 minutes

Max Altitude

73 meters


1 KM




No (prickers)

3 wild beaches

This short hike is in Liapades, Corfu.  You can start it at the main beach of Liapades, Gefyra.  The path begins right across the street from the newly renovated mini-market named “Village Market”.


The first wild beach you will come across is Glyko beach.  It comes right after you take a sharp right and walk downhill for a couple of minutes. This is the only portion of the trail that isn’t very well maintained, so I would only suggest it for medium-difficulty hike seekers and up.  It is a small hidden beach that emerges out of the bushes. For more information about Glyko Beach click here.

The next wild beach is called Polybus Beach.  It is an even smaller beach than Glyko.  However, it is a lot easier to get to.  There is also what seems to be an abandoned house right next to it.  (not sure if it’s abandoned).  You can easily get to Glyko beach by jumping on the rocks from this beach.

As you continue on, you will go up a small hill and reach the Rovinia beach free parking. Here you will go right and after passing some nice views you will finally reach one of the best beaches in Corfu, Rovinia.

If you are wondering how to get to Rovinia Beach by car click here.

Something special to do in Liapades

If you are wondering about things to do in Liapades, here is a great option.

Aeolus Boat Rentals

Aelous boat rentals are a small family business in Liapades, Corfu.  You can be the Captain of your own boat with no license! They can take you to any beach you want (taxi boat) in Liapades and Paleokastritsa. Trust me there are plenty! Also, you can go on a tour with them privately or with strangers.  Ask about the sunset tour.  This one is amazing.

They also have sunbeds on the beach if you would rather just relax.

And if you get hungry?

They have a snack bar!





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    Hello good morning
    I loved your blog. It’s fantastic. A good design, clean and with good advice.
    We will be in Corfu for a few days in June. We are hesitating to go to Liapades or Kassiopi. We rented a car at the airport.
    can you help me?
    Excuse my English. I use a translator.
    Thank you so much

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