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Ideas for gifts from Corfu!

One of the reasons traveling is so popular and exhilarating is because every place you go you experience something different.  Every trip is unique in its own way.  For example, the things that you see, the people you meet, your experiences.  I like to think with every trip you open your eyes a little more.  I’ll be honest I haven’t traveled much, but I live on an island that sees millions of newcomers every year and their reaction says it all. One of the most popular things to do while you travel is to buy souvenirs.  They will serve as a memory that you will have for long after you leave that place. Giving a gift to friends or family from a different culture will be very appreciated.  So here are some gift ideas that will so that you care and where you can purchase them.


There are many different varieties of spices grown in Corfu. Many of them grow naturally.  If they don’t grow naturally they do grow easily!  Mint usually grows easy but when you plant it here in Corfu you won’t be able to get rid of it.  It will drop its seeds at the end of the season and grown back by its self the next year.  It just needs a little watering in the summer and you will have fresh mint! If the person likes to cook they will definitely appreciate it because they will be able to use it while doing something they love.  Also, it will give them a taste of Corfu without having been there.

So taking what someone loves to do and adding on to it is a good goal!

Some herbs that are native to Corfu are Oregano, thyme, sage, bay leaves, rosemary, mint, lavender, parsley, and more.  Believe me, they will know the difference between herbs picked fresh from the land here in Corfu to store-bought ones.

Sweet and Spicy Shop in Corfu Town is run by a lady that loves to cook.  She creates new recipes and experiments with mixing spices.


Soap is one of the most uncommon things to give as a gift I would say. Sometimes though, it might not send the right message! However, the times that we live in will make it seem very thoughtful.  Hopefully, people wash their hands’ plenty of times throughout the day.  For this reason, the soap we use should be of very good quality. Particular companies make soap with care, special ingredients, that will be better than any soap found in a grocery store sold with artificial ingredients.   It is also an inexpensive gift that people don’t usually take seriously for themselves.

Remember:  The things we use and do every day are the most important.

The Patounis Soap Factory is a family-run soap-making business. They have been consistently run by the same family since 1850.  There are a number of different soaps to choose from, but the most popular is Olive Soap.  All of their soaps are made from basic materials with no additives. They have a long history and are well respected in the area.

Patounis different kind of soap - Picture of Patounis Soap Factory, Corfu  Town - Tripadvisor

Olive Oil

Corfu is home to over 4 million Olive Trees.  Many of these still producing Olive oil. Many people still produce olive oil in Corfu despite the hard work.  Since Greece is so well known for its Olive oil, it might not seem like the best gift.  However, I don’t agree.

Corfu is native to the Lianolia Olive tree. In the 15th century, the Venetians gave the incentive to plant olive trees.  Hundreds of years later, Corfiots are still producing Olive oil and the trees are still growing. There are many companies that sell the finest Olive Oil, extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Many of them also give a tour of how it is made.  The best way to give Olive Oil as a gift is to first, take the tour.  Make sure to take pictures and pay attention! Giving a quick summary about the Olive Tree harvest and its history should be a part of the gift.

The Monk olive oil is a small local olive oil company with the best olive oil you can fine!

Handmade Crafts

In this section, be ready to get creative!  You will have to think about the special person the gift for. What would they find interesting? There are plenty of shops that you could visit.  Try to make it unique that fits their interests. Here are some stores/ideas that I recommend. Emporion D’artes, where you can find handmade pieces of art in clothing form and painting form. 100% silk handmade scarfs. Unique Olive wood creations. Also, some handmade products out of marble, ceramic, etc.  Many of these handmade products you will be able to find at a fair price and they are not mass-produced!

There is this store Minimis. They came up with a unique idea and take recycled material then make different things out of them such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more. Here is the link they are located in Corfu Town.

If you are handy, you may think about making the gift yourself.  Depending on what you what to make get the materials and start.  If you are good at sewing, you could sew something special.

At some beaches, you will find old logs.  Logs that the sea spits out are incredibly durable. Pick the right size for you and get creative!  I remember one lady would collect the smaller logs and create boats out of them.

Traditional drinks or sweets

This section can also get really interesting because you can bring back different types of liqueurs that the person has never heard of.  Lazaris Distillery and Artisan Sweets specialize in creating very good quality liqueurs and sweets with nice packaging.  Inevitably, it is on the more expensive side.

Maybe your friend has a favorite flavor?

Also, buying some Greek Coffee from a store in Corfu Town that grounds their own coffee will give you the best taste! Also, buy them a cheap briki and 5 euro of freshly grounded greek coffee to start them off!

Suave Kids Smoothers 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner, Strawberry, 12 oz |  Food, Coffee recipes, Coffee cafe

These gifts are all apart of the greek culture that will help you bring a part of it back to your country. Spreading each other’s culture is a good way to see how we all live.



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