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Mon Repos Corfu: A garden of history

Located in Kanoni, which is all considered to be apart of the “old city”, the Mon Repo Estate is open to the public. It is a great place to learn some history of Corfu, take a easy shaded walk, and even take a dip in the sea, some calling in a “royal bath”. There is a museum which was the palace of Mon Repo (where the King and Queen spent their holidays) and other buildings.


  • The Mon Repo was built in 1826 as a vacation home for the British High Commissioner (Mon Repo= my rest).
  • Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh was born here in 1921
  • After the departure of the British, Mon Repos served as a residence for the Greek royal family, particularly during the reign of King George I and Queen Olga.
  • Its architecture reflects the neoclassical style prevalent during the early 19th century.
  • The grounds of Mon Repos encompass the ancient city of Palaiopolis, which adds an archaeological layer to its historical importance. The Palaiopolis Archaeological Museum displays findings from this site.


The nature at the Mon Repo is astounding, lush green everywhere you go.  Big trees creating shade everywhere making it a perfect spot for a walk on a hot summer day. There are many different walking paths some big asphalt road, others rocky or dirt and also small paths.  There are even picnic tables at an edge letting you sit and relax with the view of the east.

Royal Bath

Along the path in the Mon Repo, you will eventually come across a beach.  A beach where the royal family used to take their dips in the sea. There is a long rock walk way into the sea where they would then jump off into the sea.



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