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Nymfes: a magical Corfu village


Nymfes is a historic village.  When you arrive in this village in northern Corfu you get a very peaceful vibe.  It is about 30 km away from Corfu Town so you are far away from all the chaos and in an abundance of nature.  Nymfes is one of few villages in Corfu with a beautiful waterfall.  It is just outside the village, amongst nature.  This village is known for its water. They say that nymfes (fairies) would bath in it which is why it got its name.   On my exit of the village, I saw an old man sitting alone.  I got the urge to go up and start a conversation. So I did. I asked him about the village.  He told him different stories about why the village is named Nymfes.  He was a very informative proud local of Nymfes.

Many know about the waterfall and it may be Nymfes biggest attraction, but it for sure isn’t its only attraction.  Nymfes is also blessed with a hermitage.  A monastery dating back at least 700 years. There is also an old olive mill.  All this history when most of us only know about their waterfalls.

Nymfes Waterfall

As you arrive to the village, you take a slight right on a not very well maintained road where you get deeper and deeper in nature. You pass a football field, abandoned buildings that they would to use as shelter during the olive harvest, a tremendous about of olive trees and many trails in between.

Eventually, you arrive at a sign that says waterfall this way.  So you walk down the old steps while holding on to the handmade wooden railings for a couple of minutes.  Finally, you reach the bottom and it is nature that you see.  Water crushing down (depending on what time of the year you go), birds and frogs chirping from all around, dragonflies buzzing through, and tadpoles in the water.  To say the least, it is a magical place, and if you are a very spiritual being you will appreciate the feeling you get.  Nature will also appreciate your presence.

Unfortunately, the area is not cared for too much and there is garbage around, but try to focus on what matters and that is the energy you bring to this unique atmosphere.  Sit on the bench or ground and take a deep breath, be present and understand the huge amounts of history that were taken place here.  The nymfes (fairies) are still here taking baths if y0u believe.

Hermitage of Nymfes

To get here, pass the square go up the hill, and take another right.  You will reach a very beautiful cemetery.  Park here and go down to the right where you will find these very old buildings.  It is one of the oldest Christian monuments in Corfu.  Legend has it that the hermit Artemios Paisios came to Corfu from Epirus.  He wanted to be alone and settled here in the middle of the 5th century.

There is also an olive oil mill like I mentioned before and many different rooms.  Nowadays, it is left open and also a part of the well-known Corfu trail.

If you go down the steps through the forest you will come across a cave.  This cave is said to be his, Artemios Paisios. There are icons and candles inside.

If you go down the hill, even more, you will come across a small river, a beautiful place to take a hike and not difficult at all, I recommend it.  Many years ago, this was a place where our ancestors used to wash their clothes.

Don’t miss out

Don’t miss out on this unique experience. Visiting Nymfes promises a traditional village experience, with a different kind of nature that most of Corfu can not offer.  Also, the loaded history and many hiking trails will leave you wishing to know more about the history.  Walking around the village is also a pleasant time, with old houses, traditional people and tasty restaurants.




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