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Paradise Beach in CORFU

It’s not called Paradise Beach by accident! Chomoi Beach is its Greek name and the pictures taken of this beach never do it justice. It is one of Corfu’s jewels that is not easy to get to.

This beach is a little taste of heaven on earth. It is located right behind the village of Liapades. The only way to get there is by boat. There is no way to get down through the mountains, meaning there won’t be too many people here.

The past couple of years Paradise beach has been off-limits because the rocks from the mountain have been occasionally falling. This is why they tell you at your own risk. Many people still go to this beach but will stay on the boat and in the water. They won’t go to the sand. Swimming in these crystal clear waters will do nothing but add an overwhelming feeling of gratitude.

To get to the view from the pictures you will need to be very observant. There is a small path not well known by even the locals. While you are going to the beach, Iliodoros, at some point close to the end you take a left into a small path. It is easy to miss so pay attention!. After about a 10 minute walk on this trail, you will reach the amazing view.

I do a special hike to the beach Iliodoros, called Sun’s Gift: Hike to the Secret Beach, where I will also take you to see this view. It is on Airbnb experiences or you can find it here

There is a family of wild goats around, if you are lucky you will see. You will definitely see their poop, probably fresh, so you know they have been there recently.

***If you are looking to rent a boat please feel free to contact me.

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