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Planning your travels to Corfu can be difficult. Picking the right place to stay, the beaches you would like to visit, the taverns you want to eat at and more. Through my blog, I give a bunch of advice on all these places and more. However, it can still be stressful.

So that’s why contacting me for a consultation can be very helpful. You can tell me a little about your interests, your desires and what you would like to get out of Corfu. Then I can make an educated plan based on my knowledge of what you have told me and my knowledge of Corfu.

Are you coming to Corfu for 3 days? Don’t have a lot of time and what to see all you can? Are you on a very strict budget?

or would you like to live lavishly in the 7 days or more that you have? With just a phone call I can understand what you would like and then plan out your trip for you. Only need a little bit of help? or maybe you don’t have time to do any research.. Well, either way I have the knowledge and determination to help you leave Corfu with an unforgettable experience.


Phone Number: +306986953276 what’s app-signal-telegram-viber

Instagram: Mycorfuexperience



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