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Agios Symeon: Hike & Breath

What we will do?

Rise and Shine! I am taking you on a hike up to the monastery Agios Symeon, bright and early at sunrise. To get some early morning breathwork in with the sunrise! We will start at 6 AM.
We will start from Sun’s Gift Studios and head up the main road to the village Doukades. We will walk through this old unique village admiring the old houses and nature. After going uphill for a couple of km we will eventually reach the monastery after about an 1 hour.
We will take some pictures of the great view, talk about the culture and history of Corfu and take some deep breaths to appreciate where we are!


Then we will head back down the path,  but now we will explore a little bit more of the old village.  We will pass by the square of the village, seeing the still, very traditional old men drinking their coffee.  If desired, we can stop for a coffee, then slowly walking back towards the studios.

Other things to note

The view from Agios Symeon is amazing.  We are a couple of KM from any house and we are 300 meters above sea level.  It is a very steep road up so make sure you are physically fit!  If you need a ride just ask!

The hike is approximately 3 hours and is 25 euros.

Things to bring

  • A bottle of water
  • Be athletic
  • Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Hat, and Backpack (optional)

What’s included?

  • Water bottle
  • Secret knowledge of Corfu 😉

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