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Sunset Dinner on a Wild Beach


This experience can be a very broad one.  It can be for some friends that want a beach almost to themselves or a romantic dinner for 2.  Iliodoros Beach is 4 km from the village and is only accessible by boat, 4×4 vehicle or walking.  The road is very steep and not in good condition so many 4×4 do not come down here and the directions to this beach are not well known. The road is also steep so hiking is only for the fit.

You will find some people at this beach that have come by boat, but there are plenty of other beaches that they can choose to go to also so there won’t be many people here.

Marriage Proposals

If you are thinking about proposing marriage and would like a uniquely intimate experience we can propose different creative ideas. We also take requests. We can work together to make this important event a great memory.


Maybe your anniversary is coming up? Dinner on the beach with only nature can create a very blissful atmosphere.

Let’s work together

Just Because

On holidays and just want to do something special for her/him we can create an evening that you will be telling your friends for years to come.

Dinner and Scavenger Hunt

Trying to propose or give a special give? Enjoy a dinner then have a little fun surprising them with their gift with a scavenger hunt.

Dinner and a Hike

Enjoy a short hike through the greens of Corfu

You decide

Tell us your ideas and we will do our best to make it come true

Event Gallery – Tourist memories


All beaches in Greece are public.  Therefore, there is the risk that you will not be alone on the beach for your dinner.  However, it is very likely because rental boats need to be back to the port at 18:00 and it is an hour-long hike with steep hills.



  • Craig Richardson

    Hi there, I am coming to Corfu (domes) on the 10th of July with my partner and little one.
    I am wanting to propose and want to make it special.
    What do you offer to help?

    • admin

      Hey Craig! contact me on whats app at +30 6986953276

  • Hich

    I am on corfou, kavos… and I need to do proposal to my partner… I like the photos shared and I want something like photos…
    Please let me informed about the availability and the price.
    Thank you

    • admin

      Hey Hich, I will email you!

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