Marriage Proposals

If you are thinking about proposing marriage and would like a unique intimate experience we can propose different creative ideas. We also take requests. We can work together to make this important event a great memory.


Maybe your anniversary is coming up? A dinner on the beach with only nature can create a very blissful atsmophere. Lets work together

Just Because

On holidays and just want to do something special for her/him we can create an evening that you will be telling your friends for years to come

Ask for a Quote

Dinner and Scavenger Hunt

Trying to propose or give a special give? Enjoy a dinner then have a little fun surprising them with their gift with a scavenger hunt.

Dinner and a Hike

Enjoy a short hike through the greens of Corfu

You decide

Tell us your ideas and we will do our best to make it come true

paradise beach view

Event Gallery- Tourists memories

Your step by step ROMANTIC evening together!

You will be greeted by your Captain, Christos, at the Paleokastritsa Port. You will be welcomed aboard, he will start the engine and you'll be off.
He will go slowly so you can soak in the beautiful view of Corfu from the crystal clear waters. He will tell you about the area, taking you to the different caves, eventually settling at a wild beach after about 30 minutes on the boat.
Getting off the boat you will feel the refreshing seawater on your feet, eventually getting to the slightly warm sand. You will then be taken to the one and only table on the beach by your server. Most likely being the only ones on the, since it is past 18:00 and it being a far hike by foot.
After sitting down you will be poured the pre-selected drink of your choice and water. Now you will have some time for yourself, enjoying the evening and what it really means to be in nature.
Next will be served the meal of your choice you ordered beforehand. You will eat, drink, laugh, and enjoy the natural scenery if you are lucky by yourselves.
After enjoying a beautiful sunset and having a wonderful evening Captain Christos will be back to pick you up to take you back to the Paleokastritsa port. He will say his farewell and wish you a good rest of your stay in Corfu!


All beaches in Greece are public.  Therefore, there is the risk that you will not be alone on the beach for your dinner.  However, it is very likely because rental boats need to be back to the port at 18:00 and it is an hour-long hike with steep hills.