09:00 Meet at Liapades Bus stop, next to Costas Steak House. If you arrive by car I will tell you where to park when you arrive!
Be prepared for an hour and a half of hiking! There will be many steep hills. We can take as many breaks as you want, but I still recommend being athletic! Have your phone ready for pictures!
We will be talking about many different things including the Corfu, olive trees, culture, nature, and many more. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Arrive at the beach and go for a refreshing dip in the sea. If we are not the only ones there it will definitely be close!
As we dry off I will give you your premade sandwiches that I have made for you. They have traditional seasonal ingredients. If you are allergic or don't eat something, let me know so I can prepare accordingly.
Now we will sit back and relax while we continue to share our lives and learn about each other.
Around 12:30 we will start heading back, however, this time we will go through the village of Lliapades to get a quick glimpse of the old architecture.

Things to bring

  • Athletic shoes
  • A bottle of water
  • To be athletic because of hiking on steep roads.
  • Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Hat, and Backpack (optional)
  • Sandals or water shoes (optional)

What's included?

  • A bottle of water
  • Sandwich with seasonal ingredients
  • Umbrella for Sun
  • Secret knowledge of Corfu 😉