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1 place, 2 beaches: Porto Timoni Beach

Porto Timoni is in North West Corfu, it is right above Agios Georgios.  You can actually go there first then head to Porto timoni when you want some more green!

If you’ve heard of Corfu

Porto Timoni has become so well known that some of the first things you will hear when you hear about Corfu is Porto Timoni.  The lush green all year round, no sign of human damage and of course the magnificent view of 1 beach with the sea on both sides, makes it something people hear about even before they find out about Corfu.

Porto Timoni is in the Afionas Village.   It has made Afionas village a very popular place. The picture perfect beach is a natural beauty that is a must see even with all the tourists.

It is also quite close to Agios Georgios Pagon.  Agios Georgios Pagon is a typical beach, long sandy/rocky and restaurants/hotels etc. Porto Timoni however is still untouched. With the exception ofthe monastery built in a cave and a broken down house close by, there is no sign of humans.

Getting down

First of all, finding parking in Afionas might be a little difficult, depending on the season.  There is barely any free parking.  It is about a 20-30 minute casual walk down.  It is all down hill and there are plenty of steps.  This means that going back up might take double the time.  You should definitely wear athletic shoes and be prepared to see a lot of people.


This is the perfect place for some easy hiking.  Imagine, you arrive to Porto Timoni beach after being a little bit dissappointed seeing all the people on the way down.  Although, the selfie that you took half way down of you and the beach brought your mood back up thinking of the likes you will get.  Then you arrive at the beach and there are plenty of people all around.  You don’t know where to sit.  You hear so many different languages. This is nice, a lot of diversity, but now you want peace and quiet. And THEN, you notice a path! and maybe you noticed while you were walking down to Porto Timoni across the sea you can see a trail that leads to another beach! This beach won’t have too many people if any and it’s easy to get to!  It’s about another 20 minute hike, but it will be worth it!

There are also other trails you can take that will lead you to a church in a cave! This church is after Saint Styliano.  There is also a broken down house near by that a Pappa used to live here.



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