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Corfu Hiking Map

Rovinia-Limni loop

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Rovinia Sign/Rovinia Sign


60 minutes

Max Altitude

150 meters


3.3 KM






The Rovinia-Limni Loop is a hike starting from the street right before Rovinia.  This hike passes by 3 different very accessible wild beaches and you will see more beaches that are only accessible by boat.  Half of this hike is on a trail and the other half is on a road.  You will see cars on the half of the hike that is on the road.  Not too many but there will be some, the closest it is to peak season (august) the more there will be.

When you get to Rovinia Beach, look to your left to find the trail.  It is the one closer to the back of the mountain.  You will see some green spray paint.


This translates to Ha’s hole in English. This is the number 4 on the map.  It is the name of a big hole in the mountain that is connected with the sea. There is always water in the hole and there is also a way to get in.  On the side of the sea, there is a small opening where you then have to take a deep breath and go under.  You hold your breath for a little bit then you can reach up for air and then do the same thing.  After 30 seconds you are in the hole.  Even though it is possible to do without any equipment, it is very dangerous and not recommended.  Achilleion Diving center does diving all over Paleokastritsa including Ha’s hole.   Doing an experience with them is a great way to see some new things and do something you probably have never done before.

Klimatia and Limni Beach

Number 5 on the map is the beach Klimatia.  It is a small wild beach that most people will miss without proper directions.  If you continue on instead of going down the steps to this beach you will reach Limni Beach.  This beach is a village favorite.  There is the sea on 2 sides, there are never very big waves and you can witness a great sunset from here. Limni means lake in Greek which is why this beach got its name.

Limni is the last beach on this hike.  To continue on the path you will go up the stairs and eventually meet the main road.  You will continue to walk under the olive trees, the only difference is that you are on a bigger road this time.

You can also take a look at my blog How to get to Limni. It will show you how to get there by car.

Did you want to go to these beaches that are only accessible by boat?

There is an easy solution! Aeolus Boat rental will rent you a boat, take you there or give you a tour.  It is a shame to come to an Island and not go on a boat isn’t it?






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