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Beach Marriage Proposal

Surprise Marriage Proposal in Corfu


A couple of months ago, I was contacted by Kristian,a young German-Polish man living in Germany.  In love with his girlfriend Angela, for a while now has been trying to find the perfect moment to propose.  He contacted me and we discussed his options.

He told me Angela was passionate about the saxophone and that he would like it to be played around some decoration on a beach with the sunset. He found the saxophonist and I took care of the rest…

The day of

We decided on the beautiful beach of Glyfada.  It is mid-west Corfu, a big sandy beach and very popular.  However, in order to somewhat be alone, I organized it all the way to the left.   I went very early and started to set up then I remembered that it is actually the nudist part of the beach haha. However, the graffiti on the rocks ended up actually being a good distraction.

So thinking of the decoration, I came up with making an arch with many different flowers on it and candles/torches all around.

I sent it up and then eventually the saxophonist came!

Tasos the Saxophonist

Tasos is a young guy from Thessaloniki here on Corfu in school for the Saxophone.  Meanwhile, he takes opportunities when they come his way to play at weddings, restaurants, and so forth. This was his first wedding proposal.

He did an amazing job and has a bright future ahead of him playing to the saxophone. His dream is to go to America and study even more there.


The plan was for Kristian to bring Angela over for a walk on the beach. Tasos would start playing when they got close.  He would take her under the arch and take a knee!

This is exactly what happened!

The sun was setting, glaring right at the decoration.  Tasos was playing a very romantic song on the saxophone and Angela didn’t know anything.  When she came close she noticed the decoration but had no idea it was for her.  She thought that he was taking her to show her the graffiti “nudist” on the rocks.  However, as they got closer and closer, eventually next to the arch she understood!

She said yes!

I pop the bottle of champagne after another song and congratulate the lucky couple!

Find the video of the proposal here.



We talk with them for a little bit about their story while serving them some cheese and salami with the wine.  Tasos plays a couple more songs.  The photographer and I take a lot more pictures and videos.

It was an amazing experience and truly an honor organizing it. Everyone leaves with a smile which is always the first goal.




  • Hadar

    Hi, I’m coming in the summer, I’m interested. What is included and what are the increases?

    • admin

      Hey thanks for your interest. contact me on my phone +30 6986953276 whats app

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