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Corfu Hiking Map 2 Nature

The best view in Corfu? is

Krouza View

Krouza beach is the beach down below and above on the top of the cliff is Krouza view. It has the view towards the west and north west.  It is just off the road of one of my trails that I have on the map!

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Krouza View is on the purple path that goes around the village Giannades. The whole way you are on a one car size road, sometimes asphalt, sometimes rock.  Unforutnately, there is no way to get down to Krouza beach, but the view is still extraordinary.

About path

This path takes about an hour and a half depending on how fast you go.  5 to 6 kilometers and about 300 meters of ascent.  It is a big path, big enough for one car but it is not good to drive on due to the condition of the road.  On you way down to Giali you can visit this page for more information. Giali beach


My suggestion

Are you looking for an all day experience? A good hike, not too easy not to hard? Well, here is a great one.  Park around the square of Giannades. Not in the square becasue the bus won’t be able to turn around. Next enjoy a coffee at the village Kafeneio and enjoy the view.  Start your way into the village going towards Ermones. Follow the path to get to the church above Giali.  This area is very peaceful, maybe take a breath here.  Then pick up your bag and follow the dark red path down to Giali Beach.  Pay attention on your way down! It is a little dangerous, with ropes that you will have to hold on too.


Take some pictures as you go down. You will understand why.  Then spend a couple of hours enjoying this paradise. FYI there is no phone signal at this beach so you will be able to relax even more.

At least an hour and 30 minutes before the sun goes down start to head up. Once you reach the church, go left and continue on the purple path.  You will find a small path on your left a little bit past a gate that leads to a big villa. Take this. It is private property, but it leads to an amazing view.

After this, go back and continue on, eventually you will reach the square again.

Now it is time to eat!

Maragkos Grill opens at 19:30 and it has the best food around.



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