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The Old Village of Paleokastritsa


Yes, the title is correct.  There is an old village of Paleokastrita.  If you area at Agios Spiridon beach, the old village is located on the top of the hill to your left.  The Paleokastritsa Monastery is on your left.

Palaiochora means old village

The name you see on the map says Palaiochora, this means old village.  Up here you will find many broken down buildings, 2 of which used to be monasteries.  They say that before Corfu Town was where it is today the town was in Kanoni and before that? Paleokastritsa!


As of now the area is abandoned and all the buildings on top of the hill are in ruins.   However, I have heard some talk of it being worked on!  The way up is on the road to the Port Police.  There is a path somewhere along this road.  However, the path is not very well kept and if you decide to go you can expect a few cuts from thorns.

There are many amazing views up on this hill, where you can see open sea, Paleokastritsa and Liapades.


Unfortunately, not much is known about this area of Paleokastritsa.  Only that after they were attacked multiple times by pirates, they decided to move up land (Lakones) to avoid attacks.  Also, if it was also the Center of Corfu, they eventually decided to move the Center to Kanoni.



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